Life & Total Permanent Disability Insurance

Life and total permanent disability (TPD) insurance provides financial protection for you and your family. Life insurance pays a lump sum of three times your annual base salary to your nominated beneficiary if you die. TPD pays a lump sum of three times your annual base salary to you if you are totally and permanently disabled and unable to work again. It’s offered as a component of Adobe’s superannuation plan through BT. This is provided by Adobe at no cost to you if you have a minimum account balance of A$2,500.

While there is no maximum on how much is covered, you will need to go through medical underwriting if three times your annual base salary exceeds A$1.2 million. If you fail the medical underwriting, then the coverage is capped at A$1.2 million.

To initiate the process of medical underwriting, please contact Rohan Punj at BT or Cherry Lai at Financial Decision.


  • Because this is offered through BT, you must first open a BT account in order to have the Life & TPD Insurance.
  • Don’t forget! Always keep your beneficiaries up to date. You can update your beneficiaries on BT Online or alternatively by completing the Beneficiary Nomination Form [PDF].