NEW Adobe Learning Fund

Learning Fund

In the Adobe for All Summit, there were several exciting announcements shared. One of the exciting announcements shared was regarding the new Learning Fund to support the career growth of our employees.

At Adobe, we believe in fostering a culture of learning to drive employee engagement.

Who is eligible?

All regular Adobe employees and Adobe-paid temps.

Adobe’s Learning Fund includes two types of educational reimbursement benefits.

1. Education Reimbursement

Education Reimbursement supports your mid-long term learning and will reimburse you up to JPY 1,118,540 for tuition and books for courses, graduate programs and certain certifications that meet the reimbursement benefit's eligibility criteria.

This reimbursement program will cover undergraduate, graduate, PhD and MBA programs as well as professional certifications from accredited institutions and certain certifications from nonaccredited institutions.

For more details, refer to professional certifications [PDF] from nonaccredited institutions.

For certification programs that are not covered in the program, the course must exceed one week in duration.

2. Professional Development Reimbursement (Effective January 1, 2019)

Professional Development Reimbursement will reimburse you up to JPY 111,854 for short-term learning opportunities and skill development such as conferences, workshops, professional/technical training and language courses.

This benefit only covers the cost of the learning opportunity; it does not cover travel, meal expenses, software, equipment or subscriptions to publications.

To reimburse any short-term learning opportunities until December 31, please continue to use Japan Education Support Program.  In January, Adobe’s Learning Fund (Professional Development Reimbursement) will replace Japan Education Support Program.

You can learn more about the new Learning Fund from the links below:

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Contact if you have any questions.