Planning your dream vacation? Ready to write a novel? Adobe offers a sabbatical programme to give you extended time to relax and pursue leisure activities.

How it works

  • Who's eligible? India employees who have completed at least 5 years of continuous employment.
  • How long? You must take your sabbatical within 2 years of becoming eligible, and it must be taken as one continuous period.
  • How often? You can take one sabbatical every 5 years.

The length of your sabbatical is determined by how long you’ve been employed with Adobe:

Years of employment Length of sabbatical
5 4 weeks
10 5 weeks
15 6 weeks
Every 5 years thereafter 6 weeks

Planning for your sabbatical

To ensure your work group is prepared for your absence, obtain approval from your manager 60 days in advance. You can use additional time off to extend your sabbatical with your manager's approval. Please submit your request for a Sabbatical via Workday.

Effects on pay and benefits

All of your benefits will continue as if you are actively at work.

You will be paid at your regular salary. If you are an employee on a commission plan and/or are participating in the AIP, you will be paid as if you are actively at work.

Equity vesting will not be affected.

Your sabbatical will be extended by the amount of Adobe-paid breaks and holidays that fall during your time away.

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