When you need care

Health insurance

Adobe provides health insurance through a statutory plan with Tokyoto Joho Sangyo Health Insurance association (TJK) and a supplementary plan with MetLife.

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Statutory medical insurance

The following services are covered:

Statutory medical benefit TJK supplementary benefit
Medical expenses, outpatient and hospitalization, with 70/30 coinsurance Not applicable
High-cost medical expenses Partial return benefit: (actual cost paid by employee—statutory medical benefit) JPY20,000 = benefit (minimum JPY1,000)
Visiting nursing care cost
Treatment equipment cost, e.g. corset
Hospitalization meal support Not applicable
Emergency transfer cost Not applicable
Disability: 2/3 of average standard monthly remuneration of past 12 months, up to 1.5 years of the same disease Not applicable
Midwife expenses: JPY420,000 per delivery per child JPY100,000 per child
Funeral expenses: JPY50,000 for employee and dependents One month of standard monthly remuneration for employee or JPY50,000 for dependents

To learn more, visit http://www.tjk.gr.jp (Username: tjk; Password: kenpo).

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Supplemental medical insurance

On top of the statutory medical insurance, Adobe partners with MetLife to provide hospitalization and surgical coverage at no cost to you. All regular employees and Adobe paid temps (full time) are eligible for this benefit.

When you are admitted in a hospital for one or more days due to an injury or illness, the plan pays a lump sum of JPY5,000 per day for up to 120 days.

If you undergo a surgical operation, a lump sum of JPY50,000, JPY100,000 or JPY 200,000 will be paid to you, based on the type of operation performed.

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