Wellness Reimbursement Program

We want to help you and your immediate family members maintain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. We will reimburse you up to $600 per year for gym memberships, bike share memberships, fitness classes, massages, nutritional counseling, activities for kids and much more. Don't get stuck in the same-old routine—try a new program on us! Review the Wellness Reimbursement Program policy [PDF] and FAQs [PDF] for more information. All new employees, regardless of hire date, will receive the full annual wellness reimbursement amount.

Take advantage of the reimbursement and file a claim at tri-ad.com (SSO).

View the Wellness Reimbursement Program overview [PDF] and deadlines and submission guidelines [PDF] for more information.

Source URL: https://benefits.adobe.com/us/health-and-wellbeing/wellness-reimbursement-program