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How To Move Through Grief, by Spring Health

July 19
12-1 pm Pacific Time

Grief is a natural response to the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or even an identity or way of life. Many of us are still grieving the loss of a familiar way of life before the pandemic. No matter how grief affects you, healthy habits and social support can make it easier to move through these feelings. Join Spring Health EAP for a webinar about grief and learn: 

  • Why grieving matters 
  • How to process feelings of loss 
  • Supportive mindsets and resources to move through it 


The Adobe Open Enrollment Show

Our Open Enrollment Show is back by popular demand for 2022 benefits enrollment. Join us for a fun, virtual experience that highlights what you need to know to plan your benefits for next year, enroll November 1–12, and invest in your future. We’ll discuss some new benefits, showcase inspiring real-life stories from your peers, and save time for live Q&A.

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Aetna medical plan overview

Aetna will provide an overview of its medical plans and programs and answer your questions.

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Kaiser HMO plan overview

Kaiser Permanente will provide an overview of its medical plan and programs and answer your questions.

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HealthEquity HSA

Learn how you can use and grow your Health Savings Account dollars to meet your short- and long-term financial needs.

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Deferred compensation plan (DCP)

Learn how the deferred compensation plan is another way to boost your savings by putting eligible compensation into a tax-deferred vehicle for savings beyond the annual 401(k) contribution limits. (Eligibility for DCP is director level and above.)

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Early Detection Is Key: Unlocking Access to the Facts on Cancer Screenings

February is Cancer Prevention Month, and while cancer screenings can seem overwhelming, early detection is a big plus when it comes to effective treatment. Learn more at this webinar hosted by Adobe’s new cancer care benefit partner, AccessHope. Oncologist Dr. Debra Wong will discuss the basics of early detection, help you better understand cancer screenings, provide tips for self-examinations, and answer common questions. On-demand streaming begins at 5:00 AM PT on February 4 – but you can watch whenever is best for your schedule.

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