See how others use their benefits

How can you get the most out of your Adobe benefits? Check out these hypothetical situations for some ideas.


Focused on family planning


Lily and her partner have long wanted a child, which is why Lily enrolled in one of the Aetna medical plans. She’s excited about Aetna’s fertility benefits, as well as the many benefits Adobe offers to support her family.

Lily was thrilled to learn that the lifetime maximum for fertility-related prescription benefits is $60,000 and that the plans cover fertility preservations and IVF cycles more equitably by tracking use of some services in half-cycle increments.

She’ll also have access to Aetna’s fertility advocates, which can help her understand her benefits and find health providers.

Lily will have up to 26 weeks of paid leave—10 weeks of medical leave and 16 weeks of parental leave—and up to 100 hours of backup child care through Bright Horizons (with a low copay). She can use Milk Stork to ship her breast milk home overnight when she travels for work.

If Lily and her partner adopt, they can be reimbursed up to $25,000 for eligible expenses once the adoption is finalized. If they choose surrogacy, they can be reimbursed up to $25,000 for nonmedical expenses. (They can use either of these benefits twice.)


New to Adobe


Arjun recently joined Adobe and is focused on building a financial foundation for his future.

By enrolling in the Aetna HealthSave medical plan, Arjun has access to a Health Savings Account (HSA) administered by HealthEquity. Adobe makes an annual contribution to his HSA, and Arjun chooses to contribute the maximum allowed by the IRS.

Arjun can use his HSA funds for eligible health expenses, and because the unused balance rolls over, there’s no limit to how high his account balance can grow. When it reaches $2,000, he’ll start investing, using HealthEquity's investment advisory services.

To build savings, Arjun will contribute to his 401(k) retirement plan to take advantage of Adobe’s 50% match of the first 6% he contributes each pay period. He’ll also buy stock at a discount of at least 15% through Adobe’s employee stock purchase plan. With the guidance of his My Secure Advantage money coach, Arjun can build healthy money habits and get on track to buy his first home.

Thanks to Adobe’s Learning Fund, Arjun can be reimbursed for tuition and books for academic degrees, credential programs and approved certifications (up to $10,000 per year), and short-term learning opportunities and skill development (up to $1,000 per year).

Using Adobe wellbeing resources like LifeDojo, Arjun can also build healthy life habits. Plus, he can keep a clear eye on the future with VSP vision coverage for prescription and nonprescription glasses.


Navigating life’s transitions


Angela is a longtime Adobe employee. While she and her husband start planning for retirement, they’re experiencing other profound life changes as both their children and their parents look to them for support.

Angela is nearing retirement from Adobe just as her youngest daughter is preparing for college and her parents’ health challenges are growing.

The pretax money she’s put into a 529 education savings plan will help with her daughter’s tuition. And Angela can still boost her retirement savings by putting additional money into her Adobe 401(k) retirement plan, through which she can save above the traditional IRS limits and convert those savings to Roth.

Angela plans to use Bright Horizons for assistance with her daughter’s college applications as well as for backup elder care (up to 100 hours with a low copay). She is grateful she and her husband can get emotional and practical support through Aetna’s behavioral health resources and the Adobe employee assistance program.

Aetna’s coverage for hearing aids and exams—100% after the deductible is met—is also a welcome benefit.

Now that she’s eligible for Medicare, Angela is working with CareCounsel’s health care advocates to better understand her options. If she enrolls in Medicare, she can also enroll in one of the  Aetna medical plans, but without a Health Savings Account and any associated contributions from Adobe. She and her husband are weighing their options carefully.

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