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We get it. Parenting can be full of challenges—especially during this unusual time. But when obstacles get in your way, your Adobe benefits can help you leap over them. Here are just a few great resources that can go a long way toward lightening your load.

Looking for a lifeline

Your entire family is under one roof a lot more these days. It went from cozy to crazy a while ago. You have a lot on your mind, and the stress continues to build. Maybe it’s time to talk to someone for support.

Get some help

Through the employee assistance program (EAP), anyone in your family can connect with a professional counselor. To get started, visit Guidance Resources, click on the Register tab and enter Web ID: Adobe.


Keep your calm

Staying on an even keel may be one of your greatest strengths—or maybe not. Either way, you might want some new approaches to being peaceful and focused. And don’t forget the kids: They can learn to be calm, too!

Get some help

The Headspace app delivers short, guided meditation sessions to your phone or browser. Plus, it has activities for kids of all ages, including meditations on calmness, kindness and bedtime.


Be there for them

Being a great parent sometimes means changing up your schedule to have the time you need for your family. And be sure to take care of yourself, too, so you can show up at your best every day.

Get some help

We encourage you to schedule the time you need to rest, recharge or take care of your family. Review your time-off benefits, or visit Inside Adobe > COVID-19 > Your Health and Wellbeing.


Join the club

You’ve been spending a lot of time with the kids. A lot. It might be nice to have some social interaction with people a little closer to your age. And maybe even get some support and advice.

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Join a virtual community of 1,000 Adobe parents on the Adobe Parenting Slack channel. You can discuss current parenting topics, share tips and get questions answered. Just search for #parents on Slack.


Yes, there are parenting pros

You’re always looking for new ways to keep your family healthy and thriving. Wouldn’t it be nice to get tips from parenting experts?

Get some help

The on-demand webinars from Stanford Medicine experts provide practical guidance for parents like you on adapting to change, communicating and maintaining structure.


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