Long service leave

Planning your dream vacation? Ready to finally write that novel? Enjoy extended time off with pay after you’ve been employed by Adobe for a number of years.

How much time off can I take?

Adobe follows the statutory LSL regulations for each state.

New South Wales

Employees are entitled to take LSL after 10 years of continuous service. The amount accrued is:

  • Two months (8.67 weeks) of leave after your first 10 years.
  • An additional one month of leave for every five years after the first 10 years.


As per the Long Service Leave Act 2018, effective 1 November 2018, Victorian employees are entitled to take leave after seven years of continuous service. The amount accrued is:

  • 1/60th the period of employment (note, this is effectively the same accrual rate as for NSW)

For example, an employee who has worked for seven continuous years with the same employer would be entitled to take 6.1 weeks of leave at that time.

Additional guidelines

  • Long service leave should be taken as soon as possible after your hire date anniversary.
  • Adobe can require you to take the leave by giving you one month’s notice in New South Wales or three months’ notice in Victoria.
  • Long Service Leave in NSW can be taken in numerous ways. However, the time period of each block must be beyond 1 day. It can be taken:
    • in one continuous period of leave, or
    • where the leave owing is two months – in two separate blocks,
    • where the leave owing is between two and three months, the leave can be taken in maximum of three blocks,
    • where the leave exceeds three months, leave can be taken in maximum of four blocks.
  • Long Service Leave in Victoria may be taken in any amount of time – even as single days.
  • Service outside of Australia will not be recognized for Long Service Leave eligibility in any state within Australia (to the extent permitted by law).

Submit your leave request through Workday.

Source URL: https://benefits.adobe.com/au/time-off/long-service-leave