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Learn about the excellent coverage you receive from Adobe’s medical and dental plans. Health care is a big part of your total rewards, and we want to help you get the most out of it.

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To supplement your national health insurance, Adobe offers private medical insurance through Groupama and Regina Maria to help manage your health care needs. From general medicine and dermatology to hospital visits and surgery, we’ve got you covered.

Please review the Medical Plan Insurance Guide—English [PDF] or Medical Plan Insurance Guide–Romanian [PDF] for more information.


How to file a claim for reimbursement

What to do in case of emergency

How to access plan support

Premium Tax Treatment


How/when to enroll or make changes



The dental plan through Groupama and MG Medical gives you and your eligible dependents access to private dental care. Please review the Dental Plan Summary [PDF] for more information.

Summary of eligible dental treatments

How to access care

Premium Tax Treatment


How/when to enroll or withdraw