Vacation & paid holidays

Adobe provides generous time off, and we encourage you to use it—whether it’s for vacation or personal reasons. You also receive paid holidays and company breaks.

Paid time off

How much time off you have available depends on your employment status:

  • Exempt
  • Non-Exempt
  • Interns


There’s no specified amount of vacation days or paid time off for full-time exempt Adobe employees, so we encourage you to work directly with your manager to arrange the time off you need when you need. At Adobe, we believe that taking time off is essential to the health and productivity of every employee.

All regular exempt employees, regardless of how many hours they work, accrue sick time and can use it for a variety of purposes related to their own care and the care of family as described in the Exempt Time Off policy.

Submit your Time Off via Workday > Time off & Leave > Request Time Off.

Non-Exempt Employees

All non-exempt employees accrue two days of Personal Time Off (PTO) each month for their first five years of service (PTO is prorated for part-time employees). After five years, you’ll begin to accrue more. You can use this PTO for vacation, sick time, personal business, or floating holidays. You are also required to use your PTO during the July and December company break periods.

Submit your Time Off via Workday > Time off & Leave > Request Time Off.


As an intern, you accrue sick time. If a holiday falls on your normally scheduled workday, you’ll get paid for working that day. Time off and company breaks that are not holidays are unpaid.

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Company Break Periods

Adobe takes two company-wide breaks each year, for a summer and winter holiday. The dates of these periods change each year. For 2019, they are July 1–July 5 and December 23–January 1. Exempt employees who work 24 hours or more per week will be paid their base salary during these times; nonexempt employees must use PTO. If you're unable to take time off during these breaks for business reasons, work with your manager to arrange an alternative break period.

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Paid Holidays

Employees working at least 24 hours per week will be paid for Company-designated holidays. Interns get paid for holidays if the holiday falls on their normally scheduled workday.

2019 holidays

January 1New Year's Day
January 21Martin Luther King Day
February 18President's Day
May 27Memorial Day
July 1Summer Holiday
July 2Company Paid Time or PTO (Summer Break)
July 3Company Paid Time or PTO (Summer Break)
July 4Fourth of July
July 5Company Paid Time or PTO (Summer Break)
September 2Labor Day
November 28Thanksgiving Day
November 29Thanksgiving Holiday
December 23Winter Holiday
December 24Christmas Eve Holiday
December 25Christmas Day Holiday
December 26Company Paid Time or PTO (Winter Break)
December 27Company Paid Time or PTO (Winter Break)
December 30Company Paid Time or PTO (Winter Break)
December 31New Year's Eve Holiday
January 1New Year's Day Holiday

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