Work illness or injury

When you have a work related illness or injury, Adobe’s workers’ compensation program provides medical treatment for you. Medical treatment is covered at 100% if the injury/illness is deemed work-related and you seek medical care at one of the designated locations, as required. Read Adobe’s workers’ compensation FAQ [PDF] for more details.

How the plan works

You're automatically enrolled and eligible for workers' compensation benefits as of your first day of employment. If you have a work related injury or illness, contact Adobe’s Employee Resources Center (ERC) at 408-536-4357 or submit a case via the Support Center to report your injury/illness. In the event of an emergency, get medical attention first. You may call Adobe Security for assistance at 64444 or dial 9-911. Follow the steps below to access your workers' compensation benefits:

  1. Inform your manager and contact Adobe’s Employee Resource Center (ERC) immediately at extension 6-Help. Adobe’s ERC will provide you with information on how to file a workers’ comp claim with TRISTAR (formerly Matrix)*, Adobe’s workers' compensation administrator and will direct you to resources for obtaining care. You will also be provided with a claim form which must be completed, signed and returned to Adobe’s ERC within 24 hours.

    *If you work in Ohio, Wyoming, Washington, or North Dakota, you will need to file an intake form with the ERC but you will also need to file a worker’s compensation claim directly with your state.
  2. Visit a designated provider. Adobe has designated occupational clinic facilities through a network of providers through TRISTAR Managed Care that specialize in treating workers’ compensation injuries/illnesses. You are required to seek treatment within the TRISTAR Network for your initial care. For a list of providers near you, California employees will go to TRISTAR Managed Care and click on Find a Provider, California MPN. All non-California employees will go to TRISTAR Managed Care, click on Find a provider, PPO Access. You are required to see a designated provider in order for your care to be covered under Adobe’s worker’s compensation policy.
  3. Keep your Manager informed. You will be responsible for keeping your manager informed, by providing a copy of your Work Status Report following each provider appointment and forwarding a copy to your TRISTAR case manager and to Adobe’s Employee Resource Center (ERC).
  4. Contact Lincoln Financial Group if your injury or illness results in time away from work. In the event you must stop working due to a work-related injury or illness, you will need to submit a disability leave of absence claim. Adobe’s workers’ compensation policy provides income replacement in accordance with Adobe’s short-term disability plan combined with any workers’ compensation benefits you are eligible to receive. Visit Lincoln Financial Group (company code ADOBELOA) or call 800-459-3772.