Leaves of absence

Taking time away from work—whether for business, pleasure, health or family needs, or some other occasion—requires careful planning. Just as there are all different types of life situations, there are different leave options.

Parental leave

Parental leave includes maternity, paternity, and unpaid parental leave.

Please share the news of your expanding family with your manager and submit a request via the Support Centre so that they can support you through this time in your life. Ensure that you keep your manager updated on any doctor or court visits so that work can be allocated accordingly.

Ensure that your parental leave is recorded correctly in Workday before you go on leave. If changes are made while you are on leave, inform your manager and the Support Centre, and ensure that the changes are recorded correctly in Workday when you return to work.

Each parental leave has specific steps that must be followed to ensure that both Company and statutory elements are covered. Please refer to the relevant parental leave information below or to the Germany Parental Leave Policy [PDF] or the Germany Parental Leave FAQs [PDF].

Maternity leave

Adobe offers up to 26 weeks of maternity leave for all female employees who give birth and are members of a health insurance fund, as governed by the Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG). Maternity leave consists of statutory leave and Adobe maternity leave.  

Statutory maternity leave

Maternity leave consists of 14 weeks paid leave, which will be calculated based on average salary over the last three months minus €13 per day. The leave entitlement for mothers is six weeks before and eight weeks after the birth.

The leave period is extended for premature, multiple births and children born with disabilities to a total of 12 weeks after delivery. In the case of medical premature births and other premature deliveries, the maternity protection period after birth is also extended by the days which could not be used before delivery. Therefore, the minimum entitlement for maternity leave is always 14 weeks.

In the six-week period before the birth, an expectant mother cannot work unless she has expressly declared her willingness to do so. This declaration may be withdrawn by the expectant mother.

Adobe maternity leave

Adobe extends the statutory maternity protection period after childbirth by an additional 12 weeks, so that the eligible employees are granted a total of 26 weeks of maternity leave. The Adobe maternity leave of an additional 12 weeks may only be taken directly after statutory maternity leave and in one continuous block.

Note: Benefits provided by Adobe under Adobe maternity leave might be taken into account with or deducted from any parental leave entitlements, according to the Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act (BEEG).

Requesting maternity leave

In order for Adobe to comply with maternity protection regulations, an expectant mother should notify her manager and the Employee Resource Centre of the pregnancy and the probable date of delivery as soon as she is aware of these facts. In order to calculate your maternity leave dates, you can use an online calculator.

Submit your request for statutory maternity leave and Adobe maternity leave in Workday (see instructions).

Partner leave

All employees who become the parent of a child and have not given birth are entitled to take up to 16 weeks of partner leave, which will be paid at 100% of your base salary (or 100% of Total Target Compensation for commissioned employees).

The benefit listed above will be inclusive of any statutory benefits the employee might be eligible to receive through statutory parental pay, or otherwise. Please note that payments received by Adobe under the Adobe partner leave might be deducted from statutory parental allowance, or other.

Review Partner Leave FAQs [PDF] for more details.

Submit your request for partner leave in Workday (see instructions).

Unpaid parental leave

Eligible employees may take up to three years’ leave after the birth or adoption of a child. Parental leave is unpaid by the employer. However, for up to 14 months after the birth, the state pays an allowance to parents on parental leave, up to a percentage of the average net income in the last 12 calendar months before the birth.

More information on family benefits can be found on the Ministry for Family Affairs, Pensioners, Women and Youth website.

Employees eligible for unpaid parental leave are:

  • Biological parents of the baby
  • Adoptive parents
  • Adoption care parents (care with the goal of adoption)
  • Registered life partner (with the consent of the custodial parent)
  • In special cases, relatives to the third degree (grandparents, aunt, uncle, etc.), when the parents are unable to care for their child (due to death, serious illness, or severe handicap of the biological parents)

Requesting full-time or part-time parental leave

You must notify Adobe at least seven weeks before the start of the leave if you are taking full-time or part-time unpaid parental leave for a child under age 3, or 13 weeks before the start date of leave for a child between the ages of 3 and 8.

The deadline for notice may be shortened with the employer’s consent in cases of pressing reasons (e.g., loss of usual carer, placement of adoptive children on short notice).

Submit your request for full-time parental leave in Workday (see instructions). Note that your formal request should contain:

  • Start and end date of parental leave periods requested
  • A certificate from your spouse or partner’s doctor confirming when your baby is due or confirmation of the baby’s actual date of birth if you apply for leave after the birth has occurred
  • In the case of adoption, a certificate of placement in relation to the child
  • Formal request letter. When you first apply for parental leave for your child, please include in the letter all periods of parental leave you would like to take in your child’s first two years.

Family leave of absence FAQs

I am listed as on leave in Workday. How do I fix this?

To remove your On Leave status, follow these step-by-step instructions.

What happens to my benefits while I’m on family leave (maternity, partner, and unpaid parental leave)?

Your benefits may be affected during family leave. For more information, please refer to EMEA Rewards impact during a leave of absence [PDF] and the Global Unpaid Leave policy [PDF].

How are my commissions calculated, if I am a commissionable employee, during parental leave?

While on approved parental leaves of greater than 30 consecutive days, you will be eligible for 100% of your TTC (Total Target Compensation) to the extent provided for by the applicable Parental Leave policy [PDF]. For full details on sales commission, please refer to the sales compensation program terms and conditions and the sales LOA FAQ at WWFO Sales Compensation and Territory Site.

How is my AIP calculated, if I am a non-sales employee, during parental leave?

For non-sales employees, AIP bonus is unaffected for 182 days under Adobe’s current practice. AIP bonus will be pro rata from 183 days onward. Please review the AIP policy for details. You must be on Inside Adobe to review the policy.

Special reasons leave

Adobe offers additional paid time off for the following life events. Be sure to get your manager’s approval for the leave prior to entering your request in Workday. Employees and managers should discuss and agree on any requests for special leave, trying to be as flexible as possible, while continuing to meet business needs.

Family leave

Adobe provides the statutory leave of up to 10 paid days per year per child under 12 years of age in the event of the child’s illness. A doctor’s certificate, stating the requirement to look after the sick child, is required on the first day of absence. Submit your request for family leave in Workday (see instructions). Submit the doctor’s certificate by submitting a request via the Support Centre.

Moving house

One paid day which should be taken on the week you change your residence. Submit your request for moving house in Workday (see instructions).

Your manager will receive a notification that you have requested moving house day in Workday but will not be asked to approve, so be sure to get their approval prior to entering in Workday.

Marriage leave

Five paid days immediately before or after your own wedding or the wedding of your child. Adobe does not require a marriage certificate but reserves the right to solicit back documentation for audit purposes if needed. Submit your request for marriage leave in Workday (see instructions).

Study exam leave

Five paid days per calendar year to prepare for exams for any course approved under the Learning Fund programme or other job-related course, with manager approval. This is in addition to any statutory entitlement in a region that offers 10 days per two years for certified courses. Only courses qualifying under the regional Bildungsurlaubsgesetz are eligible (see a list of eligible courses and contacts for regional authorities). We can only process statutory study leaves at full pay if you have obtained all necessary documents legally required by your region.

Submit your request for statutory study leave in Workday (see instructions). Your manager will receive a notification that you have entered study leave in Workday but will not be requested to approve, so be sure to get their approval prior to entering in Workday.

Special reasons leave FAQs

What happens to my benefits while I’m on special reasons leave?

All benefits remain unchanged while you are on special reason leave (i.e., marriage, study).

How are my base salary and commissions calculated, if I am a commissionable employee, during paid special reasons leave?

For special leaves, all employees receive 100% of base salary, and commissions are calculated as per the individual’s sales compensation program and based on bookings that occur during the leave duration. For full details on sales commissions, please refer to the sales compensation program terms and conditions and the sales LOA FAQ at WWFO Sales Compensation and Territory Site.

What happens to my benefits while I’m on unpaid personal leave?

For unpaid leave that is less than 30 days, your benefits remain unchanged. If your unpaid leave extends beyond this timeframe (including adjacent PTO days taken), all benefits will cease as of the first of the next month after the leave started and will resume upon your return.

How are my commissions calculated, if I am a commissionable employee, during unpaid personal leave?

While on unpaid personal leave, no commissions will be payable, save for any which may have accrued prior to your going on leave.

Paid day in lieu

You can take a paid day in lieu of travelling for business on a non-working day or weekend. You must take the day in lieu within one month of your business trip. Talk to your manager prior to your business trip about taking the paid day in lieu to ensure that they approve the trip, including the non-working day, and the paid day in lieu. There is no need to track this time off in Workday.

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Unpaid personal leave

If you want to take time away from Adobe for personal reasons, you may request a personal leave. The time away must be discussed with and approved by your manager and Employee Experience.

If your request for personal leave is granted, you can take from one to three months of unpaid leave (up to six months, with manager approval).

You’re eligible for this leave if you’ve worked at Adobe for more than 12 months, you’re in good standing with the company, business conditions can accommodate your request, you have exhausted your accrued paid time-off balance, and there is no other time-off plan you can use.

Request your leave via Workday. For more information, review the policy [PDF].

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