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Learn about the excellent coverage you receive from Adobe’s medical, dental and vision plans. Health care is a big part of your total rewards package, and we want to help you get the most out of it.

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To supplement the health care the Mexican government provides, we offer a medical plan through MetLife to help you take care of your health care needs. Adobe pays 100% of the cost of this plan.

Cost and coverage for this plan includes:

Feature Description or Cost
Premium No premium—100% paid by Adobe
Deductible 3x the monthly minimum wage
Coinsurance 10%, up to 20x the monthly minimum wage
Medical surgical fees and reimbursement Reimbursement of the contracted medical fees to MetLife, which is usual and customary expenses + 72.5%
Acupuncture Covered with certified doctors
Air ambulance Included
Continued family coverage MetLife will cover your dependents for three years
Psychological treatment Up to 24 sessions, with a MXN $300 deductible and 10% coinsurance in case of certain events
Child birth (normal delivery and cesarean) Covered up to 20x the monthly minimum wage

This is just a summary of coverage. For assistance and coverage information, email Mercer Marsh Beneficios.

You may also cover your spouse or domestic partner and unmarried children under age 25.

How to access care

Adobe employees can access care with MetLife in one of three ways:

  • Reimbursement: Pay for your expenses, and then submit your receipt and paperwork to Mercer Marsh Beneficios. Once documentation is received, MetLife will reimburse you the cost of your care.
  • Direct Payment: When using the hospital and/or doctors, MetLife will pay directly if two main conditions apply:
    • It’s an in-network doctor or hospital.
    • The hospitalization lasts at least 24 hours.
  • Surgery Programming: MetLife will authorize the medical expense according to the plan’s rules. Then, they’ll pay the provider.

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Dental insurance is provided by Dentegra and gives you, your spouse or domestic partner, and your unmarried children through age 24 access to private dental care.

Your yearly plan limit for coverage is MXN $120,000 and includes:

Coverage Copayment
Prevention and diagnosis:
  • Oral checkup
  • X-ray
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Caries treatment (fillings or dental amalgam)
Minor surgical procedures:
  • Simple extractions
Root canal treatment 0%
Third molar remotion and complex surgical procedures 0%
Periodontics 20%

Please coordinate your first dental appointment at least 48 hours in advance by calling - 50 02 31 02.

You’ll need to provide your information like your name, birthday, policy number (which is on your MetLife card), phone number and email.

After you make your appointment, you’ll receive an email or mobile confirmation from Dentegra. Be sure to bring your official ID and MetLife card with you to your appointment.

Find dentists at dentegra.com.mx.

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Coverage includes:

Coverage Description or Cost
Eye exam Included
Frames yearly limit and prescribed glasses (non-cosmetic) MXN $2,000 (including Tax)
Contact lenses yearly limit (non-cosmetic) MXN $1,600 (including Tax)
Glasses case Included
Discounts 15% to 30%
Deductible MXN $150 + Tax

Find an eye care provider at dentegra.com.mx.

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