Vacation & public holidays

Adobe provides time off so you can relax and recharge. Please make arrangements with your manager before taking time off.

How much you earn

Full-time employees earn up to 22 days of vacation each year. How much you earn depends on how long you’ve been with Adobe:

  • Years 1–4: 12 days
  • Years 5–9: 14 days
  • Years 10–14: 16 days
  • Years 15–19: 18 days
  • Years 20–24: 20 days
  • Years 25–29: 22 days

Discuss your planned time off with your manager, then submit your request for vacation days through Workday.

In accordance with Mexican laws, a 25% vacation premium is paid. Allow time for Payroll to process your vacation premium by submitting your vacation request well in advance of starting your vacation (30 days in advance is recommended). You will be paid in the next payroll cycle.

2020 Holidays

Mexico employees are eligible for up to 13 paid holidays in 2020.

Date Holiday
January 1 New Year’s Day
February 5 Constitution Day
March 16 Birthday of Benito Juárez
April 9 Maunday Thursday
April 10 Good Friday
May 1 Labor Day
May 5 Puebla's Battle Day
September 16 Independence Day
November 2 All Saints Day (in lieu of Sunday, November 1)
November 20 Revolution Day
December 24 Christmas Eve Holiday
December 25 Christmas Day Holiday
December 28 PTO Required
December 29 PTO Required
December 30 PTO Required
December 31 New Year's Eve Holiday
January 1 New Year's Day 2021