Backup care

Effective 1 January 2024, any confirmed backup care bookings are subject to your normal marginal tax rates as this benefit does not meet the tax exemption criteria.  

When your childcare or adult care arrangements fall through, Adobe offers an emergency backup care programme through Bright Horizons to provide temporary care for your loved ones so you can be at work. The programme offers up to 20 days of emergency care per employee, per calendar year for a variety of family needs, like:

  • Emergency backup child care: Access a network of high-quality local nurseries or in-home nannies to care for your child(ren) when your primary childcare falls through. Additionally, utilise holiday camps or try a virtual club with DBS checked tutors and a wide range of activities.
  • Emergency backup adult care: Utilise DBS checked caregivers for your elderly loved ones at their home or yours when your regular caregiver is unavailable. You can also request backup care for yourself or partner if you need care after an accident, surgery or other ailments.

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Backup child care centres

Here are lists of emergency backup child care centres in the programme that are near the office: Shoreditch [PDF] or Maidenhead [PDF].

Ready to get started?

  1. Visit Bright Horizons and select Join today
  2. Register via the form and create a username and password
  3. Select all the Life Stages relevant to you and your family to receive the most useful content. Get started with Work+You – with handy information for everyone on the Work+Family Space (WFS).

To book Back-Up Care you are required to use the username and password created for the Work+Family Space (WFS). Please note: Back-Up Care will open in a new window, and you will still be logged in. Once your family profile is complete, you can make and review booking reservations.

You can also register by phone by calling 0800 456 1788 to speak with a care consultant 24/7.

How to create a Care Profile online

On the home page, click on Create Your Care Profile and follow these steps:

  1. Fill Out Your Employee Profile: Provide your relevant contact and employment information
  2. Recipients: Enter your relationship, care location(s), and health information, and download/complete any required care forms
  3. Add any adults as emergency contacts and/or individuals who are authorised to pick up care recipients (e.g. spouse/partner, grandparent, friend)
  4. Enter Care Locations: Let Bright Horizons know where you will typically need care

What are the programme costs?

ProgrammeCost per calendar day
Centre (per care recipient)£104
In-home child£149
Mildly ill£293
Special programmesCost
Virtual tutoringPer 4 hours per care recipient

Confirmed bookings made through the Bright Horizons emergency backup care program will be subject to tax according to your normal marginal tax rates and will be processed in the next available pay run after the booking has taken place, as this benefit does not meet the tax exemption criteria.

Speak to an expert

Need some advice?

You can arrange a call with a Bright Horizons Work+Family expert. Your Bright Horizons benefit includes three 30-minute calls per year, per topic, with an expert of your choice. Choose the topic or expert you'd like to speak with from the list below. (Your benefit renews each January.)

How does it work?

Bright Horizons will try to ensure the same expert you have for an initial call is assigned to follow up calls for that same topic. And, if your initial call with an expert is for one topic, for example, support with children, but later in the year you request a call with the same expert for another topic,  such as elder care, then these would be classified as separate topics, allowing you three calls for that new topic.

Amy MellorParenting
Angela SpencerNannies UK
Caroline WatsonMental health for adults & adolescents, relationships
Chiedu HingWellness, nutrition, professionals coaching
Debbie Harris (Chosen with Care)Eldercare UK
Ellie HuntBaby & young children sleep
Gearoid KennedyChildcare in Ireland
Harriet DanChildcare UK
Jo McCarthyLeadership/parent transition coaching
Lena EngelEarly years parenting, childcare and education UK
Lesley TrennerSupporting elders, menopause, midlife transition
Linda SpinkLeadership/parent transition coaching
Michael Wright (Home Instead)Eldercare in Ireland
Naomi HillardBaby & young children sleep
Nigel DenbyMenopause
Nina FarrSingle parenting, co-parenting
Rachel StockASD, dyslexia and speech and language in children
Rachel VechtEducation UK
Richard AndrewsDads, teenagers, parent transition
Sarah MundyChildren and teenagers mental health
Tom Bowren (Grace Consulting)Elder/adult dependant care & children with SEN support

To book a call, visit your Adobe Work+Family Space and complete the quick form under Speak to an Expert.