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Sign up for a benefit plan or make changes to one you’re already enrolled in.

Health and wellness

Log in to guhealth.com.au/adobe with company code adobe101 (use code adobe102 if you’re an overseas employee).

A membership member number will be provided once you complete the join online process. If you have been a GU member previously you will not be able to enrol online. You are able to download an application from the GU/Adobe web page. Complete the application form for Domestic [PDF] or Overseas [PDF] and email it to GU Health at corporate@guhealth.com.au.

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Financial and survivor benefits

Upon commencement of your employment, Adobe will automatically instruct IOOF to open a superannuation account on your behalf unless you contact ERC and opt-out. If you request Adobe not to open a superannuation account on your behalf, you will not receive the life, total permanent disability (TPD) and salary continuance insurance benefits which is provided at no cost to you only through the Insignia Financial super plan.


Every employee has the option to choose their own superannuation fund. To nominate your choice of fund, please complete the Standard Choice Form [PDF] and return to the support centre by the end of the first month after joining Adobe. There is no requirement for employees to contribute into the IOOF Super Account. If you do not submit the form or specify your choice of fund by the end of your first month, Adobe will automatically direct your Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC) into your stapled superannuation fund.

To change your superannuation fund, complete the Standard Choice Form [PDF] and return it to the support centre.

Life and total permanent disability insurance

You’re automatically enrolled in life & total permanent disability insurance when your IOOF Super account is opened. You may be subject to medical underwriting should your sum assured exceed the automatic acceptance level (AAL).

Salary continuance

You’re automatically enrolled in salary continuance insurance when your IOOF Super account is opened and if you work more than 15 hours per week. You may be subject to medical underwriting should your sum assured exceed the automatic acceptance level (AAL).

Employee stock purchase plan

You may enrol in the employee stock purchase plan at any time during the year for the next available offering period.

Offering periodEnrolment deadline
July30 June
January31 December

Financial Advisors

Adobe provides employees in Australia access to financial advisors through Financial Decision. If you wish to enrol in this voluntary benefit, please email Cherry Lai at Financial Decision to set up your free private consultations. For further information, please refer to the Financial advisor section.

Please Note – Financial Decision are an independent firm and are not affiliated with Adobe. Participation is completely discretionary and Adobe employees who seek the use of Financial Decision will be required to complete consent and other privacy documents in accordance with the Financial Decision operating procedures. Adobe will not be held responsible for any financial loss as a result of advice provided by Financial Decision to employees. Employees are free at any time to use any number of financial advisors that are available on the Australian market. Adobe will not however reimburse fees for other financial advice firms.

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Updating beneficiaries

Life insurance and superannuation

Add, update, or review your beneficiaries for Adobe’s life insurance and superannuation plans through IOOF Super, either via IOOF Online or the IOOF app. Email Insignia Financial if you have questions or need help logging in.

If you have other insurance policies or superannuation funds outside of the Adobe IOOF plan, you may want to check your beneficiaries through their websites, too.

Employee stock purchase plan (ESPP)

Refer to this article about designating Morgan Stanley E*TRADE beneficiaries.

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