Parental leave

Take the time off you need to welcome and bond with a new addition to your family! The amount of time you can take varies, depending on your eligibility and whether you are considered the primary or non-primary caregiver. The primary caregiver is the parent who takes primary responsibility for care of the child during typical Adobe work hours.

Eligible employees who are considered primary caregivers are given 26 calendar weeks of full paid leave. The primary caregiver must take this leave as one continuous block and within 12 months after the birth or placement of the child.

Eligible employees who are considered non-primary caregivers receive 16 work weeks of fully paid leave. The non-primary caregiver can split this time into two blocks of 8 weeks and must take it within 12 months after the birth or placement of the child.

Watch the Parental Leave video or review the Parental Leave FAQs [PDF] to learn more.

After paid parental leave has been exhausted, employees are entitled to take unpaid leave, per the Fair Work Act 2019. This entitlement is typically 12 months, less any Adobe-paid parental leave taken. Visit the Fair Work Ombudsman site for further information regarding unpaid parental leave. 

Welcome back program

The Welcome Back program offers resources to employees and managers, to facilitate a seamless transition back to work. The program is available to APAC employees returning from an extended leave of absence of more than three calendar months (90 days). Read the Welcome Back program guide [PDF] for more information, then complete the request form [PDF].