To help you prepare for your future, we offer the BT Lifetime Super Employer Plan. Adobe contributes 9.5% of your salary, up to AU$300,000 to your super account—and you can contribute to it as well, through salary sacrifice.

How much you can contribute to your super fund?

The maximum concessional contributions (employer contributions plus salary sacrifice contributions) will be AU$25,000.

Any contributions paid above this amount will incur additional tax of 32%. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not exceed this concessional cap.

If you are on a 457 visa, you may not want to make personal contribution to the superannuation as your fund will deduct tax from you when you claim your super upon leaving Australia. Visit ATO Websites to learn more.

How can you contribute through salary sacrifice?

Complete the Salary Sacrifice Form [PDF] and return it to the ERC.

How is it taxed?

Contributions will be taxed at 15%, as opposed to your marginal tax rate of up to 45% plus Medicare Levy. Employees earning more than AU$250,000 will also have an additional 15% tax on their contributions under division 293, unless modified by ATO.

Earnings on your superannuation investments will be taxed at a maximum of 15%.

Your investment options

If you do not choose an alternate investment allocation for your superannuation account from the BT Lifetime choices, you will be defaulted into the BT MySuper Lifestage investment option that corresponds to the decade you were born in. This option is designed to get more conservative as you get older.

Find out more about your investment options.

For individuals who wish to access a larger choice of investment options, Adobe also provides employees the option to access the BT Super Invest retail product. Further information can be found in the Super Invest presentation [PDF] and Investment Options Booklet [PDF].

If you are interested in joining the BT Super Invest platform or have any questions, please contact Rohan Punj at BT or Tim Collins at Financial Decision.

Important Notes:

  • The annual AU$540 account-based administration fee within BT Super Invest is payable by you, the member. Adobe will continue to pay the asset-based administration fees.
  • In order to be covered for Life, TPD and Salary Continuance insurance, a minimum of AU$2,500 must be retained within the default BT superannuation account.
  • The BT Super Invest account needs to be set up through Rohan Punj at BT to ensure that the fee discounts are passed on.

When you choose to join

To change your superannuation fund, complete the Standard Choice Form and return to the Employee Resource Center (ERC). You’ll receive a New Member Welcome Pack with your account details and information to access your account online.

Review the Product Disclosure Statement [PDF] and Superannuation FAQs [PDF] for more information