Defined contribution plan

Whatever your retirement goals—lots of travel, starting a new business, doting on your loved ones—your Adobe defined contribution plan can help you get there. Adobe contributes 9% of your monthly base salary to a defined contribution (DC) plan administered by Kyobo Life.

Who’s eligible?

Regular and Adobe-paid temps are automatically enrolled from the date they join Adobe, and Adobe begins contributing to the plan on employees’ behalf in the month after the date of hire. You can also make voluntary contributions to the DC plan.

Refer to the FAQs (Korean) [PDF] for more information about the plan.

How to get started

You will receive an email from Kyobo Life within the first four to six weeks after you join Adobe with login details to the Kyobo Life app.

Your email will also include information regarding investment choices. You may choose the products you wish to invest in and make these changes directly in the Kyobo Life app. Review these instructions (Korean) [PDF] on how to use the Kyobo Life app.

Note: We strongly recommend that you select your default options while you are in the Kyobo Life app. You can select from 7 pre-determined options (ranging from ultra-low to high risk investments) which have been approved by the Ministry of Employment and Labour. If you do not choose a default option, and your instruction or investment lapses, these funds will automatically be directed into a cash account. You can also make these choices by visiting a Kyobo branch (face-to-face), or by reaching out to the Kyobo Life relationship manager, Youngjun Lee, who can help with this process manually and answer any further questions you might have.

What happens if I leave Adobe?

If you leave within the first 12 months of your employment, these contributions are refunded back to Adobe from Kyobo. If you leave after 12 months from your date of hire, the contributions in the plan are yours to keep.