Health care

Learn about the excellent coverage you receive from Adobe’s medical plans. Health care is a big part of your total rewards, and we want to help you get the most from it.

Enjoy access to the following plans, and learn about associated costs.


Adobe provides comprehensive medical insurance through Kyobo Life for employees and their families. The premiums are 100% paid for by Adobe. For more information regarding your medical insurance coverage, please refer to the Kyobo Benefits Coverage documents (English | Korean) [PDF].

We encourage employees to submit medical claims via Marsh Korea’s mobile app (MCare) to make claim submissions fast and easy. Please refer to the MCare Mobile App User Manual (English | Korean) [PDF] to complete your registration.

Self-insured outpatient allowance

In addition to the medical insurance plan, Adobe provides a self-insured reimbursement program up to the value of ₩1,800,000 per calendar year for eligible outpatient expenses, including:

  • Outpatient costs:
    • Related to oriental medicine, acupuncture, and vaccinations (not covered in the Kyobo Life medical plan) for employees, spouse, and children. This includes both NHI statutory and NHI non-statutory amounts. 
    • For parents
  • Preventive dental care - for employees, spouse, children, and parents. This excludes cosmetic dentistry.
  • Preventive medical checkup - for employees only (this does not include a checkup for a specific illness). Employees can choose the clinic or hospital for this checkup. 

Maternity expenses (excluded from the ₩1,800,000 limit) are also eligible for reimbursement through this outpatient benefit for NHI-eligible maternity treatments, 80% of expenses for statutory items, and 70% of expenses for non-statutory items may be reimbursed. Upper-class room expense: 50% of non-statutory item cost, up to an of average ₩100,000 per day. Note that you have up to 12 months from the child's birth to submit your maternity expense claim.

The outpatient allowance benefit is taxable to employees, with the exception of the medical checkup, which is nontaxable up to the value of ₩800,000. For any medical checkup cost that exceeds ₩800,000, the excess is also taxable.

Note that vision expenses are excluded from reimbursement. For further information, including other known exclusions, please refer to the Outpatient Program Manual (English | Korean) [PDF]. 

Please submit your outpatient allowance claims via My Adobe Benefits for reimbursement.