Unpaid personal leave

If you want to take time away from Adobe for personal reasons, you may request an unpaid personal leave. The time away must be discussed with and approved by your manager and Employee Experience. If your request for personal leave is granted, you can take from one to three months of unpaid leave (up to 6 months with manager approval).

You’re eligible for this leave if you’ve worked at Adobe for more than 12 months, you’re in good standing with the company, business conditions can accommodate your request, you have exhausted your accrued paid time off balance, and there is no other time off plan you can leverage.

Personal leave is unpaid. Adobe benefits, including AIP bonus targets, will also be impacted. Please refer to the Rewards Impact during an LOA document [PDF].

For more information review the policy [PDF] and FAQ [PDF].

Steps to request unpaid personal leave

  1. Read the policy, FAQs and Rewards Impact during an LOA document above.
  2. Seek approval from both your manager and HR business partner.
  3. Request your leave via Workday.
  4. Attach your email approval from your manager and HR business partner when you submit your leave application.
  5. Your application will be routed to the ERC team for review. If approved by the ERC, review and sign the unpaid personal leave agreement in Workday you will receive.