Annual leave and paid holidays

Adobe provides paid time off (PTO) so you can relax and recharge or attend to personal needs. Please make arrangements with your manager before taking time off.

Annual leave

Adobe provides time off so you can relax and recharge. Please make arrangements with your manager, and then submit your request through Workday before taking time off.

How much leave you earn

Adobe encourages you to use your full annual leave each year to rest and rejuvenate.
The amount of annual leave you earn is based on how long you’ve been with Adobe:

# of times entering into 1st JanuaryDays of paid annual leave
1st time21
2nd time22
3rd time23
4th time24
5th time25
6th time26
7th time27
8th time28
9th time29
10th or more time30

If you are a new hire, your number of annual leave days will be based on the month you joined Adobe:

Month of hirePre-granted days of paid annual leave


  • All annual leave days will be granted up front on January 1 each year, or on your hire date (only in the year of hire).
  • You must use annual leave in the calendar year it is granted, or it is forfeited. This means unused annual leave is not carried forward nor paid out.
  • You and your manager will receive reminders/tasks on Workday in January, July and October of each year to plan your annual leave.
  • In the last quarter of each calendar year, Adobe Korea reserves the right to direct you to take annual leave if you have not taken sufficient time off during the year.

See instructions for how to submit your time: Korea Workday: Applying for Time Off & Leave of Absence [PDF].

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Company shutdown

Adobe takes two company-wide breaks each year for Korean New Year and Harvest Festival week. The dates of these periods change each year. For 2024, they are:

  • February 5–12
  • September 16–20

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2024 paid holiday and break schedule

January 1New Year’s Day
February 5PTO
February 6PTO
February 7PTO
February 8Korean New Year (in lieu of February 10)
February 9Korean New Year
February 12Korean New Year (in lieu of February 11)
March 1Independence Movement Day
April 10Election Day
May 1Labor Day
May 6Children’s Day (in lieu of May 5)
May 15Buddha’s Birthday
June 6Memorial Day
August 15National Liberation Day
September 16Harvest Festival Holiday
September 17Harvest Festival Holiday
September 18Harvest Festival Holiday
September 19PTO
September 20PTO
October 3National Foundation Day
October 9Hangeul Day
December 25Christmas Day
January 1, 2025*New Year’s Day 2025

* Falls under the 2025 calendar year holidays.

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Global wellbeing days

We hope you use this time for taking a break, giving back, thinking creatively, or whatever else you may need to do to take care of yourself.


Friday, February 9
Friday, March 29
Monday, May 6
Monday, July 1
Friday, September 20
Friday, October 25

If it’s not possible for you to take these days off due to business-critical obligations, please work with your manager to schedule your time off on another day. If the global wellbeing day falls on a public holiday, we do not offer an alternative day off in lieu.

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