When you need care

Learn about the excellent coverage you receive from Adobe’s medical and dental plans. Health care is a big part of your total rewards, and we want to help you get the most out of it.


To supplement the healthcare the Brazilian government provides, we offer a medical plan through Omint to help take care of your health care needs.

Coverage includes:

ServicePlan pays
Doctor's visitUp to BRL $488.77 per appointment
Blood examUp to BRL $139.28
VaccineYes, according to vaccine calendar
MRI, skullUp to BRL $2,666.29
Pregnancy and childbirthExams (according to ANS RoI), appointment and childbirth are covered
Cesarean deliveryUp to BRL $17,853.02
In-patient hospitalizationYes, according to ANS RoI
AmbulanceYes, but only in the case of a transfer between hospitals
CancerYes, according to ANS RoI
Out-patient psychiatric/psychotherapyYes, according to ANS RoI
Speech therapyYes, according to ANS RoI
PhysiotherapyYes, according to ANS RoI
Eye surgeryYes, according to ANS RoI
AppendectomyUp to BRL $14,435.32
BypassUp to BRL $40,472.85

You may also cover your spouse or domestic partner and unmarried children under age 25.

Adobe pays 100% of the cost of this plan.

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Dental insurance is also provided by Omint and gives you, your spouse or domestic partner, and your unmarried children under age 25 access to private dental care.

Coverage includes:

ServicePlan pays
Dentist's visitUp to BRL $ 232.73
X-rayUp to BRL $155.15
OrthodonticYes, according to ANS RoI
ProsthesisYes, according to ANS RoI
WhiteningYes, according to ANS RoI
EndodonticsYes, according to ANS RoI
SurgeriesYes, according to ANS RoI
Pedodontics/odontopediatryYes, according to ANS RoI

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