Child care allowance

All Adobe employees hired under CLT by Adobe Brazil are eligible for a child care allowance for dependent children up to five years old. To be eligible, the child(ren) must be placed in a daycare or similar institution or under the care of a duly registered babysitter.

The monthly child care allowance depends on the age of the child:

  • For a child up to 24 months old: up to a maximum of R$481,98.
  • For a child 24 months and one day up to 60 months old: up to a maximum of R$421,73.

The allowance amount is established by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and is subject to change.

How to request the allowance

To request reimbursement, log in to My Adobe Benefits and follow these steps:

  • Select Your Dependents on the left.
  • Click Edit Dependent Details and select Add a Dependent if necessary.
  • Click Make a Claim.
  • Upload and attach scanned required documentation/receipts.
  • Complete the required fields and click Next.

Required documentation

To qualify for reimbursement, you will need to provide:

  • Your child's birth certificate
  • Documentation for the daycare institution or babysitter
  • Monthly expense receipts

For more detailed information, review the Child Care Allowance Policy [PDF].