Medical and sick leave

If you are ill or injured and unable to work, Adobe will pay you 100% of your pay for up to 15 days of your leave.

Then, any additional days of leave will be paid to you by Social Security (up 165-day maximum), subject to their review and approval of your sick leave request. The amount paid is limited to the salary ceiling set by the Minister of the Supreme Court.

Requesting leave

These are the steps to request your medical and sick leave:

  • Notify your manager about your planned absence.
  • Notify Social Security immediately upon the start of your sick leave.
  • Send your Social Security case/process number, along with a copy of your doctor’s statement to your local payroll representative, at and to the Employee Resource Center.
  • Request your leave via Workday
    • In Workday, navigate to Time Off and Leave > Request Leave of Absence.
    • Enter your first day of your leave and your estimated last day of leave.
    • Select Medical Leave from the list of choices.

Returning from leave

When you’re ready to return from leave, request your return from leave through Workday using Workday > Time Off and Leave > Request Return from Leave of Absence.