Global bereavement

Adobe strives to ensure that you have the support you need to care for yourself and your family during major life events. If a loved one passes away, you can have time away from work to be with your family. Regular employees, interns, and Adobe paid temps are eligible to take up to 20 working days (at base salary), per calendar year, to help ease the emotional, financial, and logistical burdens during the loss of an immediate family member:

  • Spouse or common law partner, parents, siblings, and children
  • Spouse or common law partner’s parents, siblings, and children
  • Grandparents
  • Grandchildren
  • Pregnancy loss (yours or your spouse or common law partner’s)
  • Any family member as defined by local law or ordinance

This time off runs concurrently with any applicable statutory entitlements for bereavement leave. Employees may also qualify for other leaves of absence or time off under Adobe’s other policies. If you need to take time off due to the loss of a non-immediate family member, you are encouraged to use other Adobe time off programmes offered in your country.

Please note that the global bereavement leave of 20 days is inclusive of this statutory compassionate leave in the event of the death of an immediate family member, as defined above.

You are eligible to take time off for bereavement starting on your first day with Adobe. The time off must be taken within 180 calendar days of the death. It can be taken as one block or intermittently and in full-day increments. Bereavement can be coupled with other time off benefits such as vacation, sick time, and unpaid leave. Bereavement is not an accrued benefit and will not be cashed out if it is not used. There is no impact to your pay or benefits while on bereavement.

Speak with your manager about your need for bereavement, and be sure to submit your bereavement time off via Workday before you go: Submit your time off via Workday > Time off & leave > Request time off.

For questions, please review the FAQ [PDF], or submit a request via the Support Centre.