Sick time

Paid sick leave is provided to all Adobe employees in alignment with local laws. Adobe provides up to 90 days paid sick time each year, which can be extended to a maximum of 183 days with the approval of a doctor or specialist.

Sick time pay

  • You will receive the Social Security indemnity of minimum 75% of your average monthly income (calculated over the last six months of your contribution to Social Security and Pensions Scheme, up to the Social Security ceiling).
  • If you suffer a work-related injury or illness, you will receive 80% or 100% of your average earnings (calculated over the last six months), depending on the type of injury or illness.
  • Sick time is not an accrued benefit and will not be paid out if it’s not used. There is no impact to your benefits while you are on sick leave.

Taking sick time off

To take time off due to an illness, please contact your manager before 10:00 a.m. to notify him or her that you are sick and when you hope to return to work. Please seek medical advice, and request a medical certificate to be issued.

If you can access Workday, mark the days you are sick (see instructions) and upload in Workday a copy of the medical certificate issued by your doctor (if available). Send a copy of the medical certificate by submitting a request via the Support Centre within 24 hours of receiving it from your doctor. Deliver the original medical certificate in the ERC mailbox by the fifth day of the following month. The ERC mailbox is located at floor 10B.