Health care

Learn about the excellent cover you receive from Adobe’s medical and dental plans. Health care is a big part of your total rewards, and we want to help you get the most out of it.

Enjoy access to the following plans, and learn about associated costs.

Who is eligible for Adobe medical and dental plans?

Adobe employees, Adobe-paid temps, and interns are eligible for cover. You may also cover yourself, your spouse or domestic partner, and children up to age 23 on the Adobe medical and dental plans.


To supplement your national health insurance, Adobe offers private medical insurance to help manage your health care needs.

The table below is a summary of services that the Plan covers and the amount the Plan pays.

ServicePlan pays
Inpatient and outpatient cover, including hospital fees, specialist fees, and diagnostic testsUp to a maximum of 15 000 lei per policy year
MRI and CT scansUnlimited, based on doctor’s recommendation
Private ambulance100%, through the plan network
Pregnancy monitoringBenefits described in the pregnancy protocol are covered; you pay for any services not covered by the protocol
ChildbirthUp to 7 000 lei
Family planning services

Up to €2 000 a year for artificial fertilisation including assisted reproduction, IVF (up to 3 cycles), and other insured medical procedures

Up to €500 a year for adoption-related expenses, including support for taxes, tests, and other associated costs

Outpatient coverUp to 100% of costs, based on medical referral and list of services
Outpatient diagnostics, such as blood tests and X-raysUp to 100% of costs, based on medical referral and list of covered services
PhysiotherapyUp to 40 sessions per year
VisionUp to a lei 500 reimbursement on glasses per member, per year

Please review the Medical Plan Insurance Guide [PDF] (English | Romanian) and the Pregnancy Protocol [PDF] for more information.

Medical plan features

Virtual clinic visits

Skip the in-person appointment, and get a medical consultation online through Regina Maria. To access the service, please read the Virtual Clinic Guide. If you have any questions, please contact


Kinesiotherapy appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis from 10:00 to 14:00 each Friday in the Kineto room (on floor 9 in wing C). To book an appointment, please call the therapist, Horatlu Gusa, at 0724 585 844. Please review the Adobe Medical Recovery Onsite Presentation [PDF] for more information.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Your medical insurance covers services outlined in the Pregnancy Protocol [PDF]—the list of medical services established by the Romanian Ministry of Health. If your doctor requires additional tests and scans based on your condition, he or she must provide a detailed report to Groupama for approval in order for them to be covered. Your newborn is covered under the general hospitalisation benefit starting 11 days after birth, with exceptions for children who continue to be hospitalised after birth or those born prematurely. Hospitalisation will be covered up to 7 000 lei. The birth indemnity is 7 000 lei per event and is only paid to the mother who gives birth if she is included in the insurance policy. The father does not receive birth indemnity.

Be sure to enrol your newborn in your cover within 30 days of the date of birth.

Medical premium cost

Adobe funds the premium for employees, their spouse or partner, and children up to 23 years old. As of 1 July 2024, the premium is 353 RON per insured person per month. Premiums paid for dependants will be treated as a benefit in kind. If you are going on a period of leave, please read the relevant leave policy to understand how benefits are affected.

Taxes on premiums

Premiums paid for dependants are subject to Romania income tax (depending on your tax status) and social security. However, premiums will be tax-exempt up to €400 per year. Check your monthly payslip to verify your cover. If the total annual policy premiums exceed €400 per year, the premium will be taxed through payroll annually in November and December each year. If you are going on a period of leave, please read the relevant leave policy to understand how benefits are affected.

Email if you have any tax-related questions.

How to submit a claim

Visit and complete the online form with the requested details.  Please refer to the reimbursement guide [PDF] to support you with this process.

Please note that you may need to provide original documents in special cases, so be sure to keep them in your records.

How do I add a family member to the health insurance plan?

You can add a dependant to your medical insurance by visiting My Adobe Benefits (powered by Darwin). This can be done either when you join the company, during our annual open enrolment period in June, or following a qualifying life event.

How to access plan support

  • Call the Groupama + Regina Maria call centre at 021 9767 to book an appointment or find out more about what the plan covers.
  • If you talked to the call centre and faced any difficulties, call 021 303 72 53 or email Marsh has a customer service centre that provides exclusive support to Adobe employees.
  • If your issue has still not been resolved, contact or call +44 (0) 203 435 7877 (service available in English).


Adobe provides employees and eligible dependants access to private dental care through Groupama and MG Dental. The plan is open to all regular employees, Adobe-paid temps, and interns enrolled in the medical plan (Groupama). You must participate in the medical plan in order to participate in the dental plan.

The table below is a summary of eligible dental treatments.

ServicePlan pays
Preventive treatment (scale and brushing)100%
Routine and restorative treatmentUp to 100%
X-raysUp to 100%
Treatment and fillingsUp to 100%
OrthodonticsUp to a 30% discount
Dental surgeryUp to 100%
Prosthetics and implantsUp to a 30% discount

Please review the Dental Plan Summary [PDF] for more information. 

Dental premium cost

Adobe pays the entire premium for your dental cover as an Adobe employee. As you must be enrolled in medical insurance to be covered for dental insurance, the premium from 1 July 2024 for medical and dental combined is 422 RON per employee. If you are going on a period of leave, please read the relevant leave policy to understand how benefits are affected.

Taxes on dental premiums

The dental plan is a taxable benefit, and there is a tax liability as a benefit in kind on the value of the premiums that Adobe pays for its employees. Check your monthly payslip to verify your dental cover. Email if you have tax-related questions. If you are going on a period of leave, please read the relevant leave policy to understand how benefits are affected.