Childcare leave

Adobe’s childcare leave entitlements are in accordance at all times with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulations.

You are entitled to paid childcare leave for your child or children who are Singapore citizens after you’ve worked at Adobe for three months. The amount of childcare leave you can take each year depends on the age of your children. If your children are:

  • under 7 years old, you can take up to six days.
  • between 7 and 12 years old, you can take up to two days.
  • both under 7 and under 12 years old, you can take a maximum of six days.


  • Childcare leave does not carry forward to the next year.
  • New hires and international transfers will be entitled based on joined month
    • January–February: 6 days
    • March–April: 5 days
    • May–June: 4 days
    • July–August: 3 days
    • September–October: 2 days
    • November–December: 0 days

How to apply

Request your leave in Workday. If your child is a Singapore citizen, please complete the Government Declaration [PDF] and submit a request via the Support Centre with your youngest child’s birth certificate.