Adoption assistance

Adopting a child is an exciting and happy time. To help offset the cost of adoption, Adobe will reimburse you for eligible expenses up to USD 25,000 per child, up to a lifetime maximum of two children.

Once your adoption is legally finalized, please submit a request via the Support Centre with your documents and receipts.

After your application is approved, please log in to Concur and follow these instructions for reimbursement:

  1. Click Create New Claim
  2. Change the Cost Center number to the Fringe Benefits Cost Center (see Appendix) in the Create a New Expense Report page
  3. Select Expense Type Global Adoption Assistance from the dropdown
  4. Complete the required fields
  5. Upload your scanned receipts or required documentation
  6. Click Save and then click Submit Report

Reimbursements will be issued through Payroll after you submit all receipts and your claim is approved. Depending on your claim submission date, you’ll receive your reimbursement in accordance with normal pay periods and timelines for your respective country.

View the Global Adoption Assistance Program Overview [PDF] and the Adoption Assistance Program FAQ [PDF].

Contact the Employee Resource Center via the Support Center with any questions.