Get & stay healthy

We want you to feel well so you can be your best, both professionally and personally. That's why we offer support for getting and staying well.

Wellness Reimbursement Program

We want to help you and your immediate family members maintain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. We will reimburse you up to BRL 1,396 in 2019 for gym and swim club memberships, personal trainer classes, massages, nutritional counseling and much more. Don't get stuck in the same old routine—try a new program on us!

The amount Adobe reimburses you will increase or decrease each year, based on the currency exchange rate. For more information, review th  Wellness Reimbursement Program policy [PDF] or FAQs [PDF]. All new employees, regardless of hire date, will receive the full annual wellness reimbursement amount.

All expenses must be incurred and submitted for reimbursement during the current calendar year.

  • Any expenses received prior to 30 December will count toward the current year's reimbursement.
  • Any expenses received on or after 31 December will count toward the following year's reimbursement.

Take advantage of the reimbursement and file a claim through My Adobe Benefits.

If your claim is made prior to the payroll cutoff date, it will be paid in the upcoming payroll cycle. If the claim is made afterwards, it will be paid in the following month’s pay cycle. Please note that the payroll cutoff date varies in every country depending on the pay cycle and month. It is usually within the first week of every month for most countries.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

When life management issues arise, you don't have to go it alone. Adobe offers the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), at no cost to you and available 24/7,365 days a year. It provides you and your dependents access to confidential, short-term professional counseling services. You’re eligible for up to six free sessions per life issue each calendar year. You also have access to a full range of tools and resources on a variety of topics to assist you in balancing your work and personal needs. Some examples include:

  • Improving relationships
  • Parenting
  • Couples support
  • Managing stress
  • Managing life changes
  • Surviving the loss of a loved one
  • Managing workplace pressure
  • Referrals to local financial or legal resources
  • Maintaining physical health
  • Resources and tools for Managers

New baby? Log on to the EAP website and order your Adobe baby bodysuit. (Username: AdobeGlobal; Password: Adobe)

To learn more about the EAP, visit the EAP website (Username: AdobeGlobal; Password: Adobe) The website is accessible in several languages and provides information on how to access services in your local country.

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Health risk assessment

Get your very own personalized health report! The assessment asks you simple questions about your health, then gives you a detailed report, a health-risk rating and suggests simple actions you can take to improve your health. The assessment is free and confidential, and none of the information you provide will be viewed by anyone without your permission. Complete the health risk assessment now to learn valuable and personal health information.

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Health coaching

Improve your life with a free health coach! When you decide to make health changes in your life, consider the guidance of a personal health coach. A health coach will work with you to achieve the goals that are important to you—such as quitting smoking, losing weight or improving your fitness.

How to start

After you complete the health risk assessment, you can request a free coach by emailing You will need to provide name, contact info, language preference if other than English, preferred contact time(s) and what you would like to discuss with a coach in your email.

The health risk assessment is free to all employees.

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Quit smoking

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers many free resources to stop smoking.

Login (Username: AdobeGlobal; Password: Adobe) to get started.

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Stanford Health Navigation

As an Adobe employee, you have free access to Stanford Health Navigation, to help you find answers about any health-related problem or concern, regardless of your location or insurance plan. You can also access the Stanford Health Library, which gives you free, customized research for medical or health-related questions. For assistance, call 1-855-236-1189 (U.S.) or email Stanford Health Navigation.

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