Financial coaching

Financial wellness coaching

Adobe offers unlimited free money coaching for employees and their families. Sessions are one-on-one, confidential and provided over the phone. Money coaches are certified financial planners, family law and estate planning specialists. Discuss subjects like financial planning, debt, credit, spending, retirement, investing and more.

Call My Secure Advantage at 888-724-2326 to get started.

Day-to-day money management

Through My Secure Advantage (MSA), you have access to MSA Wallet, so taking control of your finances has never been easier! You can see all of your accounts, investments, bills, cash flow and budgets in one place, so you can get a clear, real-time picture of what's coming in and what's going out. Plus, you can connect with an MSA Money Coach to receive the guidance you need to not only create a budget, but stick to it!

Call 888-724-2326 or visit (SSO) to learn more and get started.

Finding a financial advisor

If you’re searching for a financial advisor, make sure you choose the right person to fit your specific needs and financial goals. Make an informed decision by asking the important questions that help you:

  • Determine their personal fit and level of experience in the areas that matter most to you
  • Understand their fees and responsibilities
  • Learn their general support model and financial planning capabilities
  • Know their level of guidance around Adobe’s equity programs
  • Identify their support if you are considering retirement

We’ve put together a list of potential questions [PDF] that you can use to help guide your conversation.

Identity recovery services

At no cost to Adobe employees, MSA provides restoration support for members whose identity is compromised. You have unlimited access to fraud resolution specialists (FRS) who provide guidance on how to repair your identity. Comprehensive identity recovery services include. but are not limited to, working with creditors, collection companies, collection law firms and credit reporting agencies. For legal needs related to identity theft, MSA can offer a referral to an attorney who will provide you a free initial consultation plus a 25% fee discount if retained.  
Visit (SSO) to learn more.