Discounts, social impact, and awards


Employee purchase program

The employee purchase program (EPP) lets Adobe employees purchase Adobe Software at a considerably discounted price. This is a benefit for all regular employees and retirees who are 50 years of age or older and have provided at least 15 years of service at Adobe.*

Products cannot be resold for profit or exchanged for goods or services. They can be gifted to friends and family or donated, up to annual limits. Visit the website (employees | retirees) or Inside Adobe (Employee Purchase Program) for more information.

Free Creative Cloud membership** for eligible retirees. Employees who retire with 15 years of service and are age 50 or older are eligible for a free Creative Cloud lifetime membership. Email and cc: at least one week before your last day at Adobe and include your anniversary date, last day of work and personal email address.

You can explore more employee discounts, such as Adobe-branded merchandise and Apple product discounts, on Inside Adobe.

* Employees who retire between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2022 are subject to the prior program rules requiring 25+ years of service plus age 50+ upon retirement. 
** Employees who retire prior to January 1, 2023 are subject to the prior program rules requiring 25+ years of service plus age 50+ upon retirement.


Fond gives Adobe employees exclusive preferred pricing on hundreds of products, services and experiences. Whether you’re interested in travel, health and wellbeing, entertainment or voluntary insurance such as home, pet, auto—Fond has discounts to help ease your financial burden.

The discounts you purchase on Fond don’t expire and you can redeem them immediately. Check it out today and start shopping! While most Adobe discounts are through Fond, some—like on-demand learning products—are on Inside Adobe. For more information, check out the Fond FAQ [PDF].

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Charitable giving benefits

Our global employees are a powerful force for creating change in our communities. Guided by our core beliefs, Adobe strives to change the world through the digital experience and through authentic community investments and programs. We recognize that this work often happens at the local level, where individuals take action in their own backyards.

To get started, visit Create Change on Inside Adobe, and familiarize yourself with the program guidelines, get involved with colleagues through Community Impact Teams, and support your nonprofits with Adobe product to best maximize your personal philanthropy.

Matching grants

Your charitable donations to eligible charities are matched 1:1, and time spent volunteering earns US$25 per hour to donate to an eligible charity of your choice, up to US$10,000 per year. The US$10,000 annual cap includes both 1:1 matches and volunteer hour grants. All regular Adobe employees worldwide can apply for a matching grant. Cash and security contributions from the payroll deduction program are also eligible for matching.

You can also refer nonprofits for Adobe product donations.

Retirees who have a minimum of 15 years of service at Adobe and who are age 50 or older may also request matching grants for their donations in June and December each year, up to US$5,000 annually. Retirees may review and submit this form to request matching grants and email the Employee Resource Center with questions.

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Patent award program

We know smart and creative people work here. You deserve recognition and rewards for the patents and inventions that you produce. Find more information on how to apply.

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Founders’ Award

The Founders’ Award is an annual, global award program to recognize employees who consistently exemplify Adobe’s core values throughout the year and make a significant contribution to the company. To learn more, visit Inside Adobe.

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Service awards

To celebrate your Adobe service milestones, every five years of continuous service you’ll receive a commemorative plaque and be presented with a web-based gift selection. When your anniversary date is near, you will be invited to visit the service anniversary award program website to see the gift options and to place your gift order online. Please enjoy your gift close to your anniversary date. However, should you need a little more time, just be sure to submit your selection within 6 months of your anniversary date.

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Home & auto insurance

Allstate and The Personal both provide Adobe employees with preferred rates on home & auto insurance. Contact The Personal at 888-476-8737 or for a quote. Contact Allstate at 888-336-2099 or via email. Use group number MC0020.

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