Canada Videos

CA Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits (7:18)

Your Total Rewards Package does much more than "cover the basics."

CA Time Off

Time Off (2:46)

Adobe provides generous time off, and we encourage you to use it—whether it's for vacation or personal reasons.

CA Parental Leave

Parental Leave (2:52)

In this short video, we'll go over Adobe's Parental Leave policy, and how you can use these benefits.


CA Disability Benefits

Disability Benefits (5:44)

Adobe's disability benefits package provides you with a valuable income protection benefit.

CA Life and Accident Insurance

Life and Accident Insurance (10:16)

Adobe's total rewards package features life and accident insurance, providing you and your family with important financial protection.

CA Health Care Plans

Health Care Plans (7:41)

Medical, vision and dental coverage for you and your eligible dependents.



Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) (7:37)

Learn how this voluntary program, which includes a matching contribution, can help you save for the future.

AU International Plan for Expats

Adobe International Plan for Expats (4:21)

Wherever you live and work, you deserve access to great medical benefits. That's why we offer our Aetna International Plan for expatriates.

AU Business Travel Insurance

Business Travel Insurance (3:52)

Your role at Adobe may require you to travel to unfamiliar destinations. That's why we have the Adobe Business Travel Insurance Program.



Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) (7:58)

RSUs are all about giving you ownership in the company.

AU Bereavement Benefits

Bereavement Benefits (1:41)

Coping with the loss of a loved one is a difficult and personal process. With the added stress of making arrangements, it can get overwhelming.