Physical wellbeing

At Adobe, our wellbeing matters. It’s part of our mindset and culture, and we all have a role to play. Learn more about Adobe’s global Wellbeing strategy [PDF].

We want you to feel well so you can be your best, both professionally and personally. That's why we offer programs to help you get and stay well.

Wellbeing reimbursement program

Adobe wants to help you and your family maintain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Through the wellbeing reimbursement program, you can be reimbursed for gym memberships, personal trainer classes, massages, sports equipment, activities for kids, and much more. You can take advantage of the reimbursement each year.

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Health risk assessment

As part of Adobe’s commitment to your wellbeing, we have partnered with Wellness Checkpoint® to create a health risk assessment for you. This comprehensive questionnaire will give you a better understanding of your overall health through its detailed reports and risk ratings. You will then be presented with opportunities to track your healthy lifestyle habits and be provided with the support and resources you need to achieve your goals. The assessment is completely confidential. None of the information you provide will be viewed by anyone without your permission.

Here's how to complete the health risk assessment:

  1. Access Wellness Checkpoint using the launch/access code adobeglobal. Create an account by clicking “Create one” and following the instructions.
  2. Take the assessment, and review your Results at the end. You will see your:
  • Wellness Risk Rating, which reflects the impact of your lifestyle choices on your overall health, today and in the future.
  • Risk Ratings on the Core sections. Click on each image for a detailed review.
  • Well-Being Age, which requires that you complete the full assessment. Go to Quiz to complete all sections.
  1. Track your healthy habits via My Plan.
  2. Highlight Cards will direct you to additional resources, including Contact GuidanceResources® to initiate wellness coaching. This is a free and confidential benefit.

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Health coaching

If you decide to make health changes in your life, consider the guidance of a personal health coach. A health coach will work with you to achieve the goals that are important to you—such as quitting smoking, losing weight and improving your fitness.

How to get started

After you complete the health assessment, access Wellness Checkpoint using the launch/access code adobeglobal. You can engage with a coach by accessing GuidanceRecourses using web ID Adobe.

Log on today to search the directory to find a local provider or phone number. You can also review articles, wellness tools and other helpful resources to assist you with positive lifestyle changes.

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We know small changes lead to big results, and that’s why Adobe employees love LifeDojo, a wellbeing app that allows you to design your own program based on your personal goals and interests. LifeDojo lets you pick from 30 habits to focus on, choose your own life coach and get smarter about how you approach wellbeing with interesting articles and videos. Health changes do not have to be difficult or complex—one simple change is really all it takes to improve wellbeing.

One of the best ways to increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to a health goal is to have the support of another person to keep you accountable and share the experience with, which is why you can now invite one person in your family or household to join LifeDojo at no cost. Choose your habit. Choose your goal. Make your change.

LifeDojo is accessible to Adobe employees and their +1s until June 30, 2024. See the LifeDojo FAQs [PDF] for more information.

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Thrive Global wellbeing app

Beat burnout and feel more focused with Thrive Global. Build healthy habits into your day to achieve goals related to sleep, food, movement, stress management, focus, connection, or money. Learn more.

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Smoking cessation

The smoking cessation program is a program created to help employees who want to kick the smoking habit. The program follows a model that allows you to work with a coach and learn to use tools to improve your overall health status. It is tailored to your specific needs, providing you the opportunity to work with a health coach over the telephone. Your coach can give you the support you need to stay motivated. This process will help you make lasting changes by clarifying your priorities and motivators while helping you set goals and figure out strategies to help you stay tobacco-free.

By committing to the program, you will be able to meet or exceed your set goals and eventually be able to maintain the changes on your own.

How to get started

Go to the GuidanceResources website to find the contact information for your location.

  1. Click on the Register tab, and enter Adobe’s web ID: Adobe.
  2. Select your country, and follow the prompts to create a username and password.
  3. To find a local provider, click on the Find A Guidance Expert directory. You’ll be directed to a list of local counseling professionals who can listen to your concerns and guide you to the appropriate services.

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Health care room

The internal masseuses with national qualification provides massage and acupuncture at the office. To learn more, visit the Health Care Room Webpage.

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Health checkup

Make sure to take your annual health checkup each year from April to March per statutory requirement. The type of medical examination you need depends on your age.

How to make an appointment

  1. Log in to the Healthcheck Reservation System
    Note: First time login Initial Authentication Items:
    • Date of birth (8 digits as YYYY/MM/DD)
    • Adobe email address
  2. As slots are limited, please make your reservation as soon as possible by following the Annual Health Check System User Guide [PDF].

Points to note

  1. You do not need to request a PTO for the day of your health check appointment. Please enter your timecard as regular working hours.
  2. You can only choose the clinics listed in the Health Check Reservation System.
  3. New hires must complete the Employment Health check within 3 months of joining.

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Influenza vaccination support

Due to COVID-19, Adobe will not be able to offer onsite flu shots this year. Instead, Adobe will fully reimburse the cost of the flu shot if you get the flu shot at your nearby hospital or clinic. Adobe regular, paid temporary and intern employees are eligible for this subsidy while dependents remain eligible for 50% reimbursement of the cost.

How to apply

  1. Log in to My Adobe Benefits
  2. Click on Reimbursement on homepage > Click on Make a Claim > Select the Influenza Vaccination Support
  3. Complete the required fields (Note: You must add your dependent(s) information first if you want to claim for dependent(s))
  4. Upload your scanned receipt if needed
  5. Click Submit

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