Disaster and Epidemic Time Off (DETO)

Adobe strives to ensure you can take time away from work to be fully present during a disaster or epidemic. Beginning January 1, 2022, all regular employees, interns, and Adobe-paid temps are eligible to take up to 20 working days per calendar year during these personal and challenging moments.

Review the policy [PDF] for detailed information on the criteria A and B that must be met to use this time off. This time off runs concurrently with and is inclusive of any applicable statutory emergency leave entitlements. This time off is NOT for personal situations, personal emergencies, or interrupted vacation time due to pandemics or disasters.

You are eligible to take time off beginning on your first day with Adobe. Time off can be taken as one block or in full-day increments unless otherwise prescribed by applicable law. Disaster and Epidemic Time Off can be coupled with other time off benefits such as vacation, sick time and sabbatical and is exclusive of public holidays (including Adobe shut down periods) and is in addition to any existing Adobe-paid time off or leave of absence benefits. The time off is not an accrued benefit and will not be cashed out if it is not used.

Speak with your manager if you need to take time off and be sure to submit via Workday: Submit your Time Off via Workday > Time off & Leave > Request Time Off.

For questions, please review the FAQs [PDF] or contact the Employee Resource Center (ERC) via the Support Center.