Elderly Care

Adobe cares about you. Because we know your family is one of your top priorities, we want to make sure you have all the resources to take care of your loved ones, including your elderly dependents.

Medical insurance

Adobe extends medical coverage to your elderly dependents—up to INR 3 lakhs per person—and pays the premium costs. There’s a 20% copay for medical claims.

Medical top up insurance

You can enhance your elderly dependent’s medical coverage by purchasing additional top up insurance.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program provides your elderly dependents access to confidential, short-term professional counseling services. Each individual is eligible for up to six free sessions per life issue each calendar year. Your elderly dependents also have access to a full range of tools and resources on a variety of topics, including managing life changes, maintaining physical health and surviving the loss of a loved one.

Medi Assist Medibuddy Infiniti

Through Medibuddy Infiniti, your elderly dependents have access to many services available through Medi Assist Healthcare Services, including:

  • Health checkups (discounted)
  • Pharmacy discounts
  • Teleconsultations with doctors (no discount)
  • Second opinion services
  • Home healthcare
  • Genome study (15%–20% discount)

Vaccination camps

The vaccination camps that Adobe organizes for you are also available to your elderly dependents—at highly subsidized rates.