Vacation and national holidays

Vacation leave

You’re entitled to 15 days of vacation each calendar year. Be sure to arrange your time off with your manager. Unused time off carries over into the next year, up to a balance of 45 vacation days. Once your balance reaches 45 days, you’ll stop earning vacation days until you use some of your time.

Submit your vacation time through Workday. You can take time off in 4- or 8-hour increments.

Company break periods

Adobe takes a winter break each year. For 2022, the winter break is 26 December through 30 December. Five days of casual leave will be used to provide payment during the break. If you don’t have enough casual leave, 5 days will be taken from your vacation leave balance. These deductions are automatic—you don’t need to submit any requests for time away.

2022 national holidays

You can avail 12 preset days each calendar year for national holidays.



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