Wellbeing reimbursement programme

We want to help you and your family boost your physical, mental and financial wellbeing. To support you in this effort, we will reimburse you up to ₹48,900 in 2024 for eligible services and activities that directly relate  to these three wellbeing pillars. Don’t get stuck in the same old routine. Try a new programme on us!

Who’s eligible

You are eligible to participate in the programme if you are a regular Adobe employee, which includes part-time employees who work the minimum hours required to be eligible for benefits. To be reimbursed, you must be employed by Adobe when you incur the eligible expenses and when you request reimbursement.

Expenses incurred by your spouse, domestic partner, or children are also eligible.

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Benefit amount

You can be reimbursed up to ₹48,900 in 2024. This amount is considered taxable income for employees unless not required by local tax rules.

Benefit amounts vary by country but are established based on US$600 with consideration for local currency exchange rates and market practices. For new employees, the annual wellbeing reimbursement amount will be prorated based on your start date.

The wellbeing reimbursement benefit does not roll over to the following year. You forfeit any amount you do not use by the end of the year.

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What’s covered

The following is a complete list of products and services that are eligible for the wellbeing reimbursement programme. Adobe may update this list at any time.

  • Non-medical and non-food pet care (new in 2024): Dog walking, pet training, pet grooming, pet sitting, pet toys
  • Non-medical and non-food emergency preparedness (new in 2024): Flashlight, thermal blanket, fire extinguisher, CPR classes, batteries, battery operated radio 
  • Financial planning services (new in 2024): Tax advisor services, tax consultations, financial coaching
  • Classes and sessions: Yoga, aerobics, Zumba, Pilates, spin, martial arts, financial wellbeing classes, meditation, kickboxing, dance, nutritional or dietician classes from wellness experts, weight management, JumpstartMD, karate, tae kwon do, music, archery, boxing, cricket, CrossFit, horseback riding, ice skating, skating passes, mental wellness classes (art of living, etc.), and other similar fitness classes
  • Extracurricular activities: Skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, Flying Fox, Giant Swing, river rafting, zip line, sea walking, bowling, and similar activities
  • Memberships: Gym membership, initiation fees, registration fees for all sports or marathons or 5K, health centre fees, bikeshare, tennis or swim clubs, rock climbing, ski lift tickets, skate park, annual membership to shuttle badminton club, sports complex, trekking fees, hiking fees
    You can submit the cost for a multiple-year gym membership for reimbursement over multiple years.
  • Therapeutic massages: Ayurvedic, aromatherapy, Swedish massages, etc.
  • Subscriptions: Fitness apps, meditation apps, online personal trainers, personal dietician, Zumba instructor fees
  • Art classes: Pottery, painting, or related
  • Art material: Paints, brushes, canvas, or related
  • Exercise DVDs or activities: Wii Fit, health apps, fitness videos, online exercise programmes, or similar
  • Fitness trackers: Apple iWatch, Fitbit, Garmin vívofit, Oximeter, or similar wearable
  • Massagers: Foam rollers, hand/foot/leg massagers, or massage pads
  • Gym or fitness equipment: Treadmills, dumbbells, sand weights, Morning Walker, yoga mats and blocks, electric or regular bicycles
  • Purifiers and humidifiers: Air purifier, water purifier, humidifier, masks, oxygen condenser, UV sanitisers, face shields
  • Board games and games that encourage movement: Carrom, chess, dart board and darts, foosball table, pool table, table tennis table, snooker or billiards que and chalk, and other indoor games
  • Musical instruments
  • Sport shoes: For polo, football, skates, badminton, running, water, etc.
  • Sports equipment: Golf kit, tennis kit, cricket stumps and bails, football, archery, badminton racquets and shuttlecocks, balls, boxing gloves, bicycle, Poparazzi, skates, skipping rope, hula hoop, swimming equipment (goggles, cap, fins, toe spreader), trekking (backpack, boots, poles, walking sticks, tents), hiking (boots, rucksacks), hydra packs, TT Robots; does not include clothes and cricket gloves
  • Ergonomic accessories for personal use*: Specialised keyboards, support cushions for chairs, lumbar support for chairs, computer monitor stands, mouse, wrist support; does not include furniture (desks, chairs, mattresses, etc.) or headphones
  • Vaccines: Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination jabs
  • Approved tests related to COVID-19: Negative COVID-19 test, seasonal influenza, RT-PCR, chest CT (tomography) for COVID-19 diagnosis; medical expenses (e.g., medications, doctor’s visits, blood panels, etc.) not defined under “Vaccines” or “Approved tests” are not eligible for reimbursement 

Notes related to COVID-19

  • The additional items that have been added to this list related to COVID-19 are to support employees during this critical time. Adobe reserves the right to make changes at any time.
  • Negative COVID-19 tests from an authorised hospital or testing centre can be claimed under the wellness reimbursement programme. Submit only the test payment receipt (not your medical results), and use the drop-down Flu Vaccines.
  • Positive COVID-19 cases—either hospitalised or home quarantine—must adhere to the insurer’s guidelines for claiming reimbursement. Visit Medi Assist > Policy > Policy Details > GMC Policy Terms and Conditions.
  • Learning tools and apps not covered by the Learning Fund: Online learning tools or classes to support extracurricular activities, books (non-academic), online subscriptions (e.g., language apps), apps (e.g., audible), activity kits, art supplies, crafts
  • Hobby items: Gardening and woodworking essentials, painting supplies, celestial telescope, knitting supplies, calligraphy, photography, cooking and baking classes and tutorials, or related

*If you need to improve your desk setup for work use, please complete a virtual ergonomic assessment. If further support is needed, a member of the Ergonomics team can guide you to getting the right ergonomic equipment.

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How to claim your reimbursement

Follow these steps to file a claim through My Adobe Benefits:

  1. Log in to My Adobe Benefits.
  2. Select Reimbursements.
  3. Select Make a Claim and benefit period (year).
  4. For Type of Claim, select Wellness Reimbursement.
  5. Upload and attach scanned receipts.
  6. Complete the required fields, and select Next/Submit

Reimbursement will be issued through Payroll after you submit all receipts and your claim is approved. Claims submitted by the last Tuesday of the month, and completely approved before the 5th of the subsequent month, are paid in the same month’s payroll cycle. Otherwise reimbursement will be paid in the following month’s pay cycle.

Important notes

  • Your receipt or proof of payment must show the date you paid and the eligible wellbeing activity or product.
  • Handwritten receipts or receipts for cash payments are not acceptable.
  • Items purchased outside your home country are eligible. Your receipt amount must be converted to local currency.
  • If your qualifying item costs more than the reimbursement amount, you can submit your receipt and request reimbursement up to the allowed amount.
  • If an item is cancelled or returned after you receive reimbursement, the funds can be applied to another eligible wellbeing item, or you must return the funds to Adobe. 

Reimbursement claim deadline

You must submit your claim request and receipts by midnight local time on 30 December of the current calendar year. You may file for reimbursement of paid expenses after 30 December, but they will be reimbursed against the next calendar year’s benefit.

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Looking for another country?

If you need information about the wellbeing reimbursement programme for a country that does not have a site on benefits.adobe.com, refer to the wellbeing reimbursement policy.

Download the PDF

Adobe reserves the right to interpret plan rules, to make changes to the plan, or to withdraw from this plan at any time, subject to applicable legal requirements.