Education benefits

Whether you’re financing your own education or saving for your child’s future, Adobe programs can help you do it all. From navigating the admissions maze, to saving money for college and reimbursing your own education experiences—Adobe has you covered.

Education Reimbursement Program

To support you in your pursuit of continuing education, Adobe's Education Reimbursement Program will reimburse you up to a maximum of $10,000 per year for tuition and books for courses, graduate programs and certain certificate programs that meet the reimbursement program's eligibility criteria:

  • Prior to beginning a course, you obtain approval from your manager to indicate your course is business-related and there are no schedule or time commitment issues with you taking the course.
  • It is an accredited course or program through a regionally accredited college or university. See a list of accredited institutions.
  • The course or program exceeds one week in duration based on its start date and end date. Shorter courses, seminars and workshops are not reimbursable through the Education Reimbursement Program even if they are business-related and taken at an accredited institution.
  • You successfully complete the course or program. You'll need to submit proof to TRI-AD after completion (e.g., grade report with "C" or better, or "P" for pass if pass/fail).

Only certain professional certifications are eligible under the policy; check the Education Reimbursement Program policy [PDF] for a complete list.

To participate:

  • Review the Education Reimbursement Program policy [PDF] for eligibility and application details.
  • Complete the Application for Education Reimbursement [PDF] and have your manager sign it to indicate his/her approval prior to registering for courses.
  • Hold onto the signed approved application form to submit with your claim form to TRI-AD once the course is complete.
  • Obtain reimbursement after successful completion by submitting your signed application form, a copy of your grade report, receipts for tuition and books and documentation showing the course duration. Review the TRI-AD submission deadlines [PDF] for timing of reimbursement.

Learn more at (SSO) or call 855-482-3623 or email

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College Coach

Through Bright Horizons, get insider advice from former college admission and financial aid officers to help smooth the college application process. Plus, learn strategies for writing the killer college essay, saving for college and education loan repayment. You can also access web-based workshops, expert 1:1 counseling and additional web-based assistance to ensure your children (and you!) reach your academic goals.

Register and access more detailed information at Bright Horizons. Visit Bright Horizons and register for College Coach® using Corporate Passcode: adobecoach for the initial registration to access these benefits. You may also call 888-527-3550 or email

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529 Education Savings Plan

As your children focus on their education, we'll help you save for it! You can set aside money for qualified K–12 or college education costs and let it grow tax-free. Vanguard’s 529 Selection Tool will provide personalized guidance on selecting the best 529 plan for you, based on where you live and your investment preferences. This tool will inform you about the Vanguard 529 plan and other plans in your state that may be better for you due to tax benefits. So, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by checking it out!

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