Legal insurance

MetLife Legal Plans


Like many people, you may find yourself needing legal assistance sooner rather than later. You’ll want a lawyer you can trust at the right price and an easy way to get connected.  With our legal plan, you’ll have a network of attorneys to help when you’re buying a home, planning for your family’s future, caring for aging parents and other key times in your life.  

Take advantage of:

  • An experienced service team to help you find the right attorney
  • Experienced legal advice and representation, in person or by phone
  • In-court representation for covered legal matters
  • A mobile app and online tools for your convenience
  • No copays, deductibles, or claim forms with network attorneys

Plan options

You can choose between two plan options:

  • MetLife Legal Plans covers you, your spouse and your dependents for $18.23 per month. See what’s covered.
  • MetLife Legal Plans Plus Parents covers you, your spouse, your dependents and your parents for $24.23 per month. See what’s covered.

You can enroll as a new hire, during a qualifying life event or during Open Enrollment.

For assistance please call 800-821-6400 or visit First time users will need to create an account using their employee ID.

Estate planning at your fingertips

Our newly redesigned website provides you with the ability to create a power of attorney or a living will in as little as 15 minutes. Answer a few questions about yourself, your family and your assets to create these documents instantly.

4 Hours for non-covered matters

Adobe’s plan provides up to four hours for some services that are not listed as covered services under the plan. You could receive up to a combined total of four hours per year of attorney time and service related to—for example—property tax assessment and bankruptcy.


You cannot receive services, including a consultation, for these matters:

  • Employment-related matters, including company or statutory benefits
  • Matters involving Adobe, MetLife and affiliates, or plan attorneys
  • Matters in which there is a conflict of interest between you and your spouse or dependents—in which case, services are excluded for the spouse and dependents
  • Appeals and class actions
  • Farm matters, business or investment matters, matters involving property held for investment or rental, or issues when you are the landlord
  • Patent, trademark, and copyright matters
  • Costs or fines
  • Frivolous or unethical matters
  • Matters for which an attorney-client relationship exists prior to you becoming eligible for plan benefits