Financial coaching and resources

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin. Financial planning can seem complex. While employees’ financial savvy and goals may differ, Adobe offers tools and services to demystify the process. Got questions? Reach out. Your money, your future.

Financial self-assessment

Start your journey to financial wellbeing with the financial self-assessment provided by My Secure Advantage (MSA). This assessment only takes a few minutes to complete and the results are completely confidential.

  • Ready to find out where you stand financially?  Take the assessment to pinpoint your goals, determine your priorities and get actionable next steps.
  • Find out how healthy, or stressful, your finances really are.  The assessment calculates your financial wellness score based on your personal responses.
  • Your customized action plan gathers relevant resources like online video courses, guides, calculators, and more so that you know exactly what to do next.

Ready? Register or log in to the MSA website and select Assessment.

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Budgeting and spending support tool

Control your money your way and on your time.  With 24/7 visibility and bank-level security, Wallet makes it easier than ever to budget, save, and get a clear view of your finances. Better yet, it’s free to all Adobe employees.

Developed by My Secure Advantage (MSA), use Wallet to:

  • Bring together all of your financial accounts in one convenient place.
  • Create a manageable budget and track your spending.
  • Plan for the unplanned, reduce debt, and increase net worth.

Visit the My Secure Advantage site to sign up and take control of your financial future.

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Financial wellness coaching

Adobe offers free money coaching for employees and their families year round.  Sessions are one-on-one, confidential and provided over the phone or via videoconference (upon request). Coaching is offered by a team of experienced, unbiased, certified financial professionals, who have nothing to sell. Their only job is to help you improve your financial life and empower you to reach your goals. Your coach can assist with identifying issues, discussing options, and creating an achievable action plan. Discuss subjects like taxes, retirement planning, investing, spending strategies, buying a home and more.

Schedule your consultations online by visiting or calling My Secure Advantage (MSA) at 888-724-2326 to get started.

If you need help navigating the MSA site or have questions about an upcoming appointment, login to and access the new chat feature to connect with dedicated staff for live support!

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Identity protection and credit monitoring

Identity theft and technology-based scams are ubiquitous in the digital age. My Secure Advantage (MSA) and Fond offer no- and low-cost solutions. Take proactive steps to protect your identity and reputation.

  • To enroll on the MSA website, select ID Monitoring from the Resources tab on your MSA dashboard. View the flyer [PDF] for more details. 
  • Visit Fond (SSO) for additional options.

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529 education savings plan

As your children focus on their education, we'll help you save for it! You can set aside money for qualified K–12 or college education costs and let it grow tax-free. Vanguard’s 529 Selection Tool will provide personalized guidance on selecting the best 529 plan for you, based on where you live and your investment preferences. This tool will inform you about the Vanguard 529 plan and other plans in your state that may be better for you due to tax benefits. So, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by checking it out!

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Student loan refinancing

Visit Fond (SSO) for discounts on student loan refinancing options.

CommonBond is no longer offering student loan refinancing. Current CommonBond customer loans will continue to be administered by FirstMark Services. For CommonBond questions, call 800-975-7812.

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Tax preparation and guidance

My Secure Advantage (MSA) has a number of ways to help relieve some of the stress of tax season. You can get answers to your tax related questions by contacting an MSA Money Coach tax specialist (Adobe covers the cost!). Call 888-724-2326 to schedule your virtual appointment.

You also have access to Assisted Tax Preparation and Do It Yourself (DIY) tax preparation through TaxAct. For a tax expert to prepare and file your return see MSA Assisted Tax Prep [PDF] and for discounted DIY online tax filing services see MSA DIY Tax Prep [PDF].

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Global money transfers

Adobe has partnered with OFX to save you time and money on global money transfers. Whether managing savings or settling Adobe shares (from ESPP or RSUs) from USD into another currency [PDF], you get more for your money with OFX, including:

  • Fast and free registration
  • Preferential exchange rates
  • No transfer fees
  • Online and phone availability 24/7
  • Global regulation and industry standard security
  • Access to 55 currencies (and counting)
  • The option to link OFX to your E*Trade account [PDF]

If you have any questions, email OFX.

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Finding a financial advisor

If you’re searching for a financial advisor, make sure you choose the right person to fit your specific needs and financial goals. Make an informed decision by asking the important questions that help you:

  • Determine their personal fit and level of experience in the areas that matter most to you
  • Understand their fees and responsibilities
  • Learn their general support model and financial planning capabilities
  • Know their level of guidance around Adobe’s equity programs
  • Identify their support if you are considering retirement

We’ve put together a list of potential questions [PDF] that you can use to help guide your conversation.

In addition, you have access to financial advice services through Vanguard and E*TRADE.

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Credit union

Adobe employees enjoy affordable banking and personal service at KeyPoint Credit Union. Become a member today by opening a free Organic Checking account or an Unlimited Checking account with ATM fee rebates and enjoy low-rate auto loans, home loans and credit cards; over 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide; free mobile and online banking and a debit card with free rewards! Visit or call 888-255-3637.

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