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Open Enrollment Fairs

Grab your colleagues, and stop by to learn more about your benefits, meet our partners, and get your questions answered.

NY Time Square
November 16
10 am–12 pm EST

NY Union Square
November 16
2–4 pm EST

Spring Health employee assistance plan

Learn about the many benefits the Spring Health employee assistance program (EAP) offers you and your family. Services include dedicated support, a diverse network of providers, wellbeing exercises, and resources for work and life. Ask questions during live Q&A.

November 16
1–2 pm PST

Nolan Financial deferred compensation plan

Learn how the deferred compensation plan (DCP) can boost your savings by putting eligible compensation into a tax-deferred account for savings beyond the annual 401(k) contribution limits. (Eligibility for DCP is director level and above.) DCP enrollment has been delayed. Eligible participants will receive an invitation to a rescheduled session once a new enrollment period is announced.

November 6

Setting Boundaries with Family During the Holidays

December 19 
12–1 pm PST

The holiday season is a time of celebration and togetherness, but it can also bring its fair share of stress and tension. This webinar will explore how setting healthy boundaries can help you maintain your wellbeing and preserve joy during this time of year and beyond. Join Spring Health, the EAP for U.S. employees and their families, to learn valuable tips and strategies to help you communicate effectively, establish clear limits, and create a harmonious holiday experience for you and your loved ones. The discussion will cover:

  • Importance of boundaries during the holidays
  • Challenges of establishing boundaries
  • Strategies for setting and maintaining boundaries
  • Tips for handling other people’s reactions
  • How therapy can help


Early Detection Is Key: Unlocking Access to the Facts on Cancer Screenings

February is Cancer Prevention Month, and while cancer screenings can seem overwhelming, early detection is a big plus when it comes to effective treatment. Learn more at this webinar hosted by Adobe’s new cancer care benefit partner, AccessHope. Oncologist Dr. Debra Wong will discuss the basics of early detection, help you better understand cancer screenings, provide tips for self-examinations, and answer common questions. On-demand streaming begins at 5:00 AM PT on February 4 – but you can watch whenever is best for your schedule.