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Diabetes Screening, Treatment, and Prevention of Complications Webinar

January 24
12–1 pm Pacific time

Around 400 million people worldwide have diabetes and the number of cases has been rising steadily. People with diabetes are at high risk of heart disease, stroke, and other serious complications. Join Dr. Marina Basina in this webinar by Stanford Medicine to learn about diabetes screening, detection, treatment, and prevention of complications.

Starting Over After Loss (by Spring Health)

February 14
12–1 pm Pacific time

A sudden loss can be life changing. Though there is no “right” way to experience grief and no “normal” length of time process a loss, there are some things you can do to support your recovery. Join our Spring Health clinical experts to learn:

  • The different kinds of loss
  • Common and unexpected ways a loss can affect you
  • Activities that can help you find your footing
  • How to support others who are managing grief 


Early Detection Is Key: Unlocking Access to the Facts on Cancer Screenings

February is Cancer Prevention Month, and while cancer screenings can seem overwhelming, early detection is a big plus when it comes to effective treatment. Learn more at this webinar hosted by Adobe’s new cancer care benefit partner, AccessHope. Oncologist Dr. Debra Wong will discuss the basics of early detection, help you better understand cancer screenings, provide tips for self-examinations, and answer common questions. On-demand streaming begins at 5:00 AM PT on February 4 – but you can watch whenever is best for your schedule.