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Sitting with the Blues — A Spring Health Webinar

June 13   
12–1 pm Pacific time

Sadness or low moods are different from depression—and a normal part of life. Though it can feel uncomfortable and take time, there’s an upside to feeling your feelings. When you’re open to experiencing sadness, grief, or just the blues, you’ll also experience more joy, improve your physical health, and feel more connected to others. Join Spring Health to find out how to recognize and understand your low moods, learn about the “bright side” of feeling blue, and discover ways to better support yourself, children, teens, and friends. 

The discussion will include:

  • How to be comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • What you’ll gain by learning to sit with your feelings
  • How to recognize the differences between depression and sadness
  • How to support children and teens with their low moods
  • How therapy can help you

Setting Yourself Up for Successful Healthy Changes

June 29   
12–1 pm Pacific time

In this talk, Leah will present evidence-based recommendations around setting healthy goals that stand the test of time. She will share ways to move from just thinking about a healthy change to actually doing it and motivate you to start today!


Early Detection Is Key: Unlocking Access to the Facts on Cancer Screenings

February is Cancer Prevention Month, and while cancer screenings can seem overwhelming, early detection is a big plus when it comes to effective treatment. Learn more at this webinar hosted by Adobe’s new cancer care benefit partner, AccessHope. Oncologist Dr. Debra Wong will discuss the basics of early detection, help you better understand cancer screenings, provide tips for self-examinations, and answer common questions. On-demand streaming begins at 5:00 AM PT on February 4 – but you can watch whenever is best for your schedule.