Women’s health

Whether you’re planning a family, in menopause, or experiencing another common health concern for women, Adobe benefits through Aetna and Kaiser are available to support you.

Women’s preventive and supportive health care

Your Adobe medical benefits cover in-network physical exams, well-woman exams, mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, Pap smears, vaccines, and certain preventive medications at 100%.

The plans also provide care and a wide variety of programs to support you through maternity, menopause, and other needs.

  • Aetna members: Refer to women’s wellness [PDF], and call the Aetna Service Advocate [PDF] at 800-884-9565 for more help.
  • Kaiser members: Refer to your plan booklet for coverage details, and contact your doctor for advice.

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Fertility benefits

Adobe’s medical plans offer infertility treatment options, including fertility drugs, surgery, artificial insemination, and assisted reproductive technology. Read about fertility benefits.

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Maternity support

Aetna and Kaiser medical plan members have access to expert maternity care and advice from obstetricians, nurses, and lactation consultants to guide you through every step from prenatal care to taking care of baby.

Get to know your Aetna maternity benefits [PDF], and then log in to the Aetna website (or SSO) and select Health & Wellness and then Maternity Support Center for step-by-step support.

Aetna members can also get 1:1 support through SimpliFed to get answers to questions about lactation and infant feeding. Review the SimpliFed flyer [PDF] for details. To get started, visit SimpliFed and select Start getting care, or text BABY to 888-458-1364.

If you’re a Kaiser member, you’ll find helpful resources on Kaiser’s maternity care web page. To find your local maternity programs and providers, go to the Adobe Kaiser microsite and sign on to your member account, or call Kaiser at 866-454-8855 (CA) or 888-901-4636 (WA).

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Women’s generic and OTC contraceptive drugs and devices are covered 100% when obtained at an in-network pharmacy. Aetna members can view the lists of preventive medications [PDF] available with no deductible and essential medications [PDF] available at no cost to you.

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Adobe’s medical plans offer consistent access to care and resources, regardless of the state where you live. Specifically:

  • The Aetna medical plans cover abortion services and will reimburse travel expenses (subject to IRS limits) for an employee or covered dependent who must travel 100 miles or more to a state that can provide these services.
  • Kaiser plan participants are covered for abortion services throughout the Kaiser service area.

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