I’m rehired by Adobe

Welcome back to the team! As a rehire, you’ll generally need to make new benefit elections, but important benefits provisions may apply. Here are some of the actions you’ll want to take. For more information, visit the New to Adobe? page.

Health and welfare plans

Medical, dental & vision

Aetna HealthSave (HSA) plan:

If you re-enroll in the same plan year (January–December):

  • Your deductible balance will be reinstated.
  • You will receive a pro-rated HSA contribution based on your rehire date. You should review all the calendar year contributions to your HSA (yours and Adobe’s) to ensure they don’t exceed the IRS allowable maximum.

Here are the steps you should take to enroll in your medical, dental and vision benefits:

  1. Review the benefits options available to you and your dependents.
  2. Make your decisions and elections within your enrollment period.
  3. Visit the Adobe benefits enrollment site when you're ready.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

If you’re rehired less than 30 days after you left, in the same plan year, you must keep the same elections for your FSA(s). If you are rehired more than 30 days after you left, you can make new elections.

Either way, review calendar year contributions to your FSA to ensure that they don’t exceed the IRS-allowable maximum. Call TRI-AD at 855-482-3623 with any questions about your previous contributions.

Enroll in or change your contributions to the Health and/or Dependent Care FSA(s) at the Adobe benefits enrollment site.

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Financial benefits

401(k) plan

You will be automatically enrolled in Adobe’s 401(k) plan at a pre-tax contribution rate of 6% within approximately 60 days of your rehire date. Any changes you make to your deferral election will take effect on the next possible pay period.

Your contribution amount will be deducted from each of your paychecks and invested on your behalf, along with the Adobe matching contribution, in a Vanguard Target Retirement Trust based on your age. You may elect to change this investment allocation at any time.

Confirm or change your 401(k) Plan contributions or investment allocation at adobe.vanguard-education.com or by calling Vanguard at 800-523-1188.

Changes to your elections will take effect on the next possible pay period.

Important: If you contributed to another employer’s 401(k) plan, be sure to monitor your contributions to ensure you do not go over the annual IRS limit.

Deferred compensation plan (DCP)

If you’re director level or above, or in an equivalent position, you can enroll in the DCP for the current calendar year within 30 days of your date of rehire.

For assistance, call Nolan Financial at 877-230-2432 or email adobe@nolanfinancial.com.

Equity plans

Employee stock purchase plan (ESPP): You can enroll in the ESPP as a new participant during the next available offering period, provided you’re regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week.

Enroll during the next available offering period and make changes online in the stock section of Inside Adobe.

Equity incentive program: Your equity awards from prior Adobe employment(s) will not be reinstated, but you may be eligible for new equity grants.

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FICA & SDI taxes

FICA & SDI taxes

If you’re rehired within the same tax year, any FICA and SDI contributions you have previously made for the tax year will be applied toward the annual limits.

Log in to Workday to set up your W4 tax withholdings and set up direct deposit.

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Other benefits

Reimbursement accounts

If you leave Adobe and are rehired as a regular employee within the same calendar year, you are limited to the annual allotment under reimbursement programs, including the Wellbeing ReimbursementLearning Fund, and adoption or surrogacy assistance. For example, if you used your full annual wellness amount before leaving Adobe, you will not have access to an additional amount until the next year.

Survivor benefits

If you’re rehired, you’re eligible to make new elections for yourself and your dependents. Log on to the Adobe benefits enrollment site or call 855-898-4218 to make your elections. 

If you opted to continue your employee or dependent life insurance coverage through Adobe’s portability provision when you left the company, you must cancel this policy to be able to re-enroll with Adobe’s survival benefits as a rehire. Cancel any ported Adobe employee or dependent life insurance by calling 888-786-2688.

Time off

If you’re a non-exempt employee, you will begin to accrue time off on your first paycheck. Your accrual rate is based on credit for all time worked.

If you’re an exempt employee, you don’t accrue time off based on service, so service credit is not applicable. However, if you return within a year, your prior accrued sick time balance will be reinstated.

After you receive your first paycheck, you can confirm your accrued time off by logging in to Workday > Time off & Leave.


If you leave Adobe and are rehired as a regular employee, you will earn your next sabbatical five years from your rehire date. Your previous service will not be considered in determining the length of your sabbatical (i.e., the number of weeks you get).

Service awards

Any service award will be determined based on your rehire date; you will not receive credit for previous time worked.

529 education savings plan

You can elect to have your direct deposit payroll contributions posted to your existing account.

Go to Vanguard's College Savings site to enroll or make changes at any time or go to your plan’s website.

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