Employee stock purchase plan (ESPP)

Employees are a company’s brand—especially here at Adobe. Our employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) offers you the opportunity to benefit from the stockholder value your talent creates. It is consistently one of our most popular benefits—even among the risk averse. Your money, your future.

How it works

You can set aside up to 25% of your compensation through payroll deductions to purchase Adobe stock every six months at a price at least 15% below the fair market value. The discounted price is locked in for a 24-month period. For eligibility requirements and other plan terms, refer to the employee stock purchase plan prospectus found on the stock section of the Employee Experience website.

How to enroll

Enroll twice a year during open enrollment periods in June and December.

You can enroll, access your account 24/7 and make changes online via the Employee Stock Purchase Plan on Inside Adobe.

Hear how one employee benefited from the ESPP: