Sick time

The latest COVID-19 time off information is on the COVID-19 page.

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Feeling under the weather? Adobe provides up to 10 sick days each year so you can rest up and get well. Sick time may be used in hourly increments and carries over from year to year. You will earn sick time until the 10-day “cap” is reached. However, it is not paid out to you when you leave Adobe.

If you need to take sick time, but don't have any available, you may borrow up to five days of paid leave. Please notify your manager as soon as possible.

Non-exempt employees: Your paid time off (PTO) [PDF] can be used when you are ill to cover the first five days of an illness. If you need more than five days, you need to apply for short-term disability benefits.

Submit your Time Off via Workday > Time off & Leave > Request Time Off.

Please contact the Employee Resource Center for more information about these benefits.