Health care reform

Although the entire U.S. health care system has undergone many changes as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Adobe has taken steps to manage costs while still providing comprehensive coverage. The most important thing for you to know is that Adobe's medical plans meet all the legal requirements under the ACA. You don't need to take any action outside of usual benefits enrollment activities if you are eligible for Adobe benefits [PDF].

The Form 1095 is a tax document that gives the IRS information about your health insurance. It helps the government verify if your employer offered you health insurance and that the coverage you were offered met the requirements under the ACA. Another important thing for you to know is that a Form 1095 tax document will be provided each plan year. You can access the form electronically or elect to have a paper copy mailed to you.

Form 1095—What you need to know

The Form 1095 proves to the IRS that you had health insurance every month of the previous year. If you had medical coverage from Adobe for all twelve months of the prior year, your Adobe Form 1095 will indicate it. If you had medical coverage through Adobe for only part of the year (e.g., you were hired in the middle of the year), your Adobe Form 1095 will indicate the specific months you were covered, and you’d expect to receive another Form 1095 from your previous employer (if applicable) for the other months. If you were covered under someone else’s plan, like your spouse’s, then you’d be listed on their Form 1095.

There are two types of the Form 1095 that may impact you. All employees will get the Form 1095-C. If you’re enrolled in a fully-insured plan like the Kaiser plan, you’ll also receive a Form 1095-B. To view your Form 1095, log on to the Adobe benefits enrollment site, select My Profile > Employee File, then click on the Form 1095 link. You may print or download your available forms at any time from this site.

When you receive your form(s), check them for accuracy (pay special attention to the names, addresses and Social Security numbers for all individuals covered under your health care plans) and then hold onto them.

Note: The 1095-C is a tax form that provides information about health coverage available to you as an employee, however it is not necessary to attach Form 1095-C to your tax return. Just keep it with your tax records.

If you see errors on your Form 1095 issued by Adobe or don’t receive yours by early March each year, please call the Adobe Benefits Support Team at 855-898-4218.

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The Affordable Care Act

Health care reform fixed some important things in the health care system that, because Adobe already has generous coverage, you may not have realized were broken.

  • Everyone can get coverage. You rely on your health insurance, especially when you're managing a health issue. It might sound strange to you if you've been on our plan for a long time, but some Americans weren't able to buy health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Now, all Americans can join any health plan without any exclusions for pre-existing health issues.
  • Limits are gone. When you're sick, bills can grow very large. That's why we never cap our share of your bills.

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The health insurance marketplace

You've probably heard information about health insurance exchanges or marketplaces. These marketplaces are intended for people who can't get affordable coverage through their employer and also for small businesses. You certainly can shop in the marketplace. But if you are eligible for Adobe benefits, you have affordable coverage available through Adobe, and Adobe pays about 85% of the cost of your coverage, you won't find a better deal on the exchange.

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Summary of Benefits

The Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) is a requirement of The Affordable Care Act. Each of these documents shows a snapshot of your plan. You can find the SBC for your medical plan under Health & Wellbeing–Medical on the Policies & Plan Documents page.

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