Prescription drugs

For some preventive medications [PDF], you pay only your copay or coinsurance, with no deductible. And some essential medications [PDF] are available at no cost to you.

For all other drugs, you pay the full, negotiated cost, which counts toward your annual deductible and your out-of-pocket maximum.

For the cost of a specific drug, log in to the Aetna website (or SSO), or call Aetna at 800-884-9565.

Drug coverage levels after deductible

For most drugs, once you’ve met your deductible, you pay only a copay, which depends on the type of drug, as listed on the Aetna Standard Opt Out Plan drug coverage page. Drugs are categorized as generic, preferred brand, or nonpreferred brand.

 GenericPreferred brandNonpreferred brand
30-day supply, in-network retail
(after deductible)
90-day supply, CVS retail or mail order
(after deductible)

Specialty medications

For drugs designated on the drug coverage page as specialty drugs, use the CVS Specialty Pharmacy to fill your prescription. Call 800-237-2767 with any questions about your specialty medication.